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FindFranchisePartners.com : How to Find A Partner To Buy A Franchise

[ 0 ] Apr. 19, 2013 | SBO Editor

People wanting to pursue the American Dream of business ownership and financial success, by owning and operating a franchise, or expanding an existing one, can now do so more easily thanks to FindFranchisePartners.com, a new national website which is launching today in all 50 states.  Entrepreneurs can find a Working Partner for a franchise business, to help with capital requirements, work-load, and collaboration.

“Countless times we have heard people interested in owning a business franchise say, ‘I wish I had the wherewithal to open a franchise, but I can neither do it nor afford it myself,’ ” said Kerry Blackman, founder of FindFranchisePartners.com

“Understanding this problem, we knew from our decades of business and legal leadership experience and research that, providing this platform to help people connect with working partners who could bring to the table additional skills, experience, funding and workload sharing, would go a long way toward helping to solve this dilemma,” said Blackman, a former practicing business attorney.

“By helping people find a Working Partner for a franchise business, it is also our desire to help our economy thrive. Just think how many other businesses and individuals benefit for each franchise that succeeds.

Some key features that FindFranchisePartners.com offers are:

– You can make a detailed posting in search of a working partner for a franchise business, for free.

– You can do a comprehensive search of postings on the site based on location of the intended or existing franchise, capital available and needed and type of business you are interested in partnering in, for free.

About FindFranchisePartners.com

Kerry Mark Blackman, founder and CEO is an attorney at law who has held business and legal leadership positions for prominent companies in the entertainment, international and banking fields. For more information, go to http://www.FindFranchisePartners.com

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