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Current Caller ID App from WhitePages Adds Call & Text Blocking

[ 0 ] Apr. 15, 2013 | SBO Editor

Avoiding unwanted calls and texts while remaining incredibly connected to people you care about just got a lot easier with the latest release of WhitePages’ Current Caller ID Android app. The popular caller ID app, which has been downloaded more than 4 million times for its ability to identify calls and texts while streaming social network status updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, now lets users proactively block unwanted calls and texts.  Current Caller ID has already helped users identify nearly 3 billion calls and texts since launching in August 2012. With the addition of new call and text blocking features — the number one request from users of the top rated app – Current Caller ID becomes an even more indispensable tool for mobile phone users.

With mobile phones now the predominant means of communicating, avoiding unwanted calls and texts is a growing problem. Recent Pew Internet research shows that 68% of mobile phone owners get unwanted calls, and 69% of texter’s receive spam texts.

“As much as we love being able to keep people connected to those closest to them, we’ve discovered that people also want to be able to avoid those who bring stress to their lives — like telemarketers, ex significant others and other unwelcome solicitors,” said Lori Roth, Director of Mobile Products at WhitePages. “Now Current Caller ID makes it easy to stay connected with people you care about, while easily ignoring those you want to avoid.”

Call and Text Blocking: How it Works

Recent calls or texts can be added to a block list with a simple tap.  Users can then choose to send those calls to voice mail, or to simply drop them without providing the opportunity to leave a message.  Calls from an unwanted caller will not appear in the phone history, and texts will not appear in the messaging inbox. With the help of the extensive WhitePages directory, Current Caller ID can also block calls and texts from all known numbers for a person – so associated phone numbers will all be recognized and blocked.  Users can choose to either track blocked calls & texts inside the Current Caller ID app, including the content of blocked texts, or remove all activity and be blissfully unaware when a blocked contact tries to communicate with them.

Named one of TIME Magazine’s top ten apps of the year, Current Caller ID’s rapid adoption has been driven by its unique approach to combining free social, call and text ID into a single app to foster better communication, as well as its ability to provide live information from the caller or texter’s location along with fun infographics that provide instant insight into personal relationships.

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