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Be Your Own Boss

[ 4 ] Mar. 11, 2013 | SBO Editor

75+ Franchises to launch now with no experience needed.

When buying a franchise, you are guided every step of the way by the franchisor: they will help you find the location, build the store or facility, provide the uniforms, signage and systems to conduct the business. Many entrepreneurs find franchising a great way to start a business, especially if they have no experience in running a company.

In buying a franchise, you are purchasing a proven system of doing business and must follow the system down to every detail. It is important that you conduct your own due diligence research to make sure the franchise is right for you. Examine the terms carefully, including start-up fees, terms for franchise relationship, and financing options.

This feature presents 75 franchises for you to review.  In this issue we also provide a list of more than 150 business opportunity packages to consider. A business opportunity, unlike a franchise, enables you to purchase the tools and resources from a business entity, but you are free to name the business anything you want, dress how you like, and run the company as you like. In our feature that begins on page 60, you’ll find more than 25 hot businesses to run from home that can be launched for $100 or less.

Money-making potential of a franchise or a business opportunity will be determined by the potential in your region of the world and how committed you are to making it a success. It is possible to make $1 million a year, even working at home, with either a franchised business or a through a business opportunity

Whether you choose to remain an independent business owner or become a franchisee, research is the single most important activity in making your decision. Without adequate information, you may end up making the most costly decision of your life.

What Business Should You Start?
Ask Yourself:
• What do you like to do? (interests and hobbies)
• What do you know how to do? (experience)
• What do you do well? (special skills and talents)
• Which industry(s) involve your interests and use your skills and talents?
• What products or services could you sell in this industry(s)?
• Would you rather sell a product or service?
• What products or services would you like to sell the most?

Before starting any business, determine if there is a market for your product or service by conducting some basic market research.
• How many potential customers are in your area?
• Will your product or service sell?
• What need does it satisfy?
• What problem does it solve?
• What trend or fad does it address?
• What should the appropriate oricing be?
• Who are your competitors?

How many competitors do you have?
• What do they offer?
• How will your product or service be unique?
• What marketing niche can you capture?

Costs to consider:
Estimate your start-up costs:
• location design and construction
• professional fees
• equipment and fixtures
• furniture
• opening inventory and supplies
• insurance
• pre-opening labor
• opening advertising and promotion

Estimate how much working capital you will need (the money you will need until the business becomes profitable–include your living expenses, if necessary):
• rent     • salaries
• insurance    • utilities
• advertising    • interest on a loan,  if applicable

Brainstorm where you might be able come
up with money:
• savings and investments    • loans
• selling personal assets    • a partner
• yourself    • family    • friends

Estimate the profit potential for the business:
• income    • expenses
• profit (income-expenses)

Think about the amount of time and energy it will take to make the business successful. Make a decision as to whether you think you can make enough money to make the venture worth your time and energy.

75+ Franchises To Consider Now

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas
Alamo provides a unique combination of theater and restaurant, showing both first-run and
independent films.
www.alamodrafthouse.com 512-219-7800
$$$: $1,250,000 – $2,785,000

All Tune And Lube
Total car care.
$$$: $11k startup cash is required.
Total investment: is $150k

Alta Mere Toys For Your Car!
Complete auto aftermarket line of accessories including security, video, GPS, and paint protection.
$$$: $50k-$60k.
Total investment: ranges from  $131,482-$164,382

American Ramp Systems
Low priced ramps for disability access to enable the aging and disabled population to remain at home.
$$$: $75k startup cash;
Total investment: $200k

Aussie Pet Mobile
Mobile pet grooming service.
$$$: $35k-$75k startup cash;
Total investment: $63,437-$124,687

Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burger Tavern
Unique, family-friendly, full-service restaurant with bar and premium burger menu.
www.baggerdaves.com 248-223-9160
$$$: $700k – $1 million; $30k franchise fee

Bar 145
Gastropub: Burgers, Bands and Bourbon
www.bar-145.com 419-410-6667
$$$: Contact the company for info.

An independent profit control and revenue enhancement service for bars and restaurants.
www.bevinco.com 888-238-4626
$$$: $46,900 – $50,900

Bottle & Bottega, Inc.
Artistic cocktail party. Art experience with wine.
www.bottleandbottega.com 760-322-9353
$$$: $64,600-$95,400

Indoor private events facility.
$$$: $75k-$125k startup cash
Total investment: $126,647-$624,896

Budget Blinds
Window coverings.
$$$: $55k-$150k startup;
Total investment: $79,240-$153,070

Retail frozen dessert store.
www.carvel.com 800-CARVEL-F/404-255-3250
$$$: Total investment range is $230,624-$390,124

CertaPro Painters

The largest commercial and residential painting company in North America.
$$$: $128k-$157k

Chem Dry
Carpet cleaning with patented Hot Carbonating Extraction system.
$$$: $11,950-$40,750 startup;
Total investment: ranges from $27,950-$250k

Christmas Décor, Inc.
Professional holiday, landscaping service.
$$$: The total investment ranges from $11k-$50k

Coffee News
Weekly publication run from home.
www.coffeenewsusa.com 207-941-0860
$$$: Contact the franchisor for details.

Colors On Parade
Leader in auto appearance technology; cost-effective, same-day, non-collision, vehicle damage repairs
www.colorsonparade.com 866-756-4207
$$$: $33,800-$103k
ComForcare Senior Services
Premier, provider of private-duty, non-medical home care.
$$$: $80k-$115k
Comfort Keepers
An international franchise concept that provides in-home care for seniors, new mothers or other adults needing assistance.
www.ComfortKeepers.com 800-387-2415
$$$: $61,450 – $88,500

Computer Explorers
Turnkey, biz-to-biz computer tech education programs to public and private schools, daycare centers & more covering all phases.
$$$: $35k-$49,500 startup.
Total investment: $62,925-$73,250

Contours Express
Fitness Center designed for women that uses
medically-recommended weight-bearing equipment.
Total investment required ranges from $34k to $49k

Cost Cutters
Family Hair Care Value priced, quality hair
services and products for the family.
www.costcutters.com 888-888-7008
$$$: $76k-$184,800 startup cash required.

Coverall Cleaning Concepts
Commercial cleaning service.
$$$: $3950 to $27,200 startup.
Total investment: $10,750-$32,200

Crack Team (The)
Foundation repair specializing in the use of
$$$: The total investment is $38,600 to $69,100

Creative Colors International
Repair and reconditioning of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting in the automotive and
commercial markets.
$$$: Startup ranges from $19,500 to $27,500;
Total investment: $37,500-$71,400

Cruise One, Inc.
Cruise-only travel enterprise.
$$$: $9,800 startup.

Thirty-minute fitness and weight loss centers for women.
$$$: Total investment required ranges from
$36,425 to $42,850

Daily Juice Group
Made-to-order juices and smoothies prepared from fresh vegetables.
www.dailyjuice.org 512-614-3355
$$$: $275k-$325k

DirectBuild Franchising LLC
Consulting programs to clients that enable them to build or remodel a home without using a contractor.
www.directbuildusa.com 877-805-9294
$$$: $72,900-$167,750

Dollar Discount
Dollar stores.
www.dollardiscount.com 888-DOLLAR1/610-497-1991
$$$: Startup is $20k-$30k
Total investment required ranges from $99k to $195k

Dr. Vinyl & Associates, Ltd.
Vinyl repair and conditioning, plus leather,
plastic and windshield repair.
$$$: Startup ranges from $15k-$20k;
Total investment: $44k to $69,500

DreaMmaker Bath & Kitchen
Bath and kitchen remodeling.
$$$: $87,500-$314,500 startup;
Total investment: is $112k-$339k

Driveway Impressions
Decorative and architectural features.
$$$: $50k-$65k startup;
Total investment: $150k-$205k

Dunkin Donuts
Coffee and baked goods.
www.dunkinfranchising.com 877-9-DUNKIN
$$$: $240,100-$1.667 million total investment.

EduFit Franchise, Inc.
A franchised fitness concept providing convenient, appointment-based personal training services at reasonable prices.
http://edufit.com 888-433-8348
$$$: $164,500 – $281,000

One-stop shop for custom embroidery, screen printing, promotional products, personalized gifts and other items.
$$$: Startup ranges from $43k-to $48k;
Total investment ranges from $179k-$185k

Express Employment Professionals
One of the nation’s largest staffing companies and it the only privately held company among the world’s 20 largest staffing firms.
$$$: $153,750-$241,500

Express Oil Change
Recognized leader in the quick-lube and automotive service industry.
www.expressoil.com 888-945-1771
$$$: 300k-$350k

Extra Innings
Nation’s premier indoor baseball and softball center, with state-of-the-art facilities
www.extrainnings.net www.eifranchise.com
$$$: $220,500-$597,900

Fantastic Sams Hair Salon
A full-service cutting edge hair salon for your family.
$$$: $50k-$75k startup.
Total investment: $125k-$231k

Flip Flop Shops
The Sunglass Hut of Flip Flop Shops
www.flipflopshops.com 770-424-0027
$$$: $25k startup cash.
Total investment: $167,300-$245,500

Floor Coverings International
Shop-at-home floor covering retailer offering more than 3000 flooring options from top brands at
competitive prices.
$$$: $160k-$250k

Future Stars Sports Photography
Providing high quality and innovative sports photography products and services.
$$$: $19,500-39k startup.
Total investment: $19,500-$45k

Geeks On Call
On-site computer solutions for businesses and
residential clients.
www.geeksoncall.com 800-905-4335/757-466-3448
$$$: $60k-$121k startup.
Total investment: $60k-$180k

Get In Shape For Women
Small group, personal training for women.
www.getinshapeforwomen.com 781-444-1913
$$$: $64k-$178,250

Glass Doctor
Glass replacement for homes, businesses and autos.
$$$: $75k startup.
Total investment: $109,681-$261,681

Lessons and instructions.
www.golftec.com 877-446-5383/303-779-9900
$$$: $35,000 startup cash.
Total investment. $111,475-$427,675

Great Play Franchising
Gym concept for kids offering motor and sport skills, phys ed classes
www.greatplay.com 203-904-5013
$$$: $150k-$337,5000

Grout Doctor
Maintenance and repair of grout.
www.groutdoctor.com 877-476-8800/480-924-2271
$$$: Total investment ranges from

Growth Coach (The)
Small business coaching, goal-setting franchise.
$$$: $7k-$33,900 startup.
Total investment: $38,200-$58,400

Highway 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries
American class dining experience withfresh-cooked, quality food in casual, full-service, 50’s-diner style setting.
www.hwy55burgers.com 919-635-0902
$$$: $170k-$240k

HobbyTown USA
World’s largest retail hobby franchise offering hobby, toy and entertainment products.
The total investment: $175,000 to $350,000

Home Helpers
Home-based non-medical personal care for the elderly.
$$$: $7k to $31,900 startup.
Total investment: $41,700 to $73,300

Home Instead Senior Care
Companionship and home care services for the elderly.
$$$: $39,050 to $52,050 total investment.

HomeTeam Inspection Service
The leading residential home inspection
service in North America.
www.hometeaminspection.com 513-831-1300
$$$: $58,000 – $71,500

House Doctors
A nationally franchised, professional handyman service and a leading property repair, remodeling and maintenance company in North America.
www.housedoctors.com 513-831-0100
$$$: $86,000 – $112,500

Hungry Howies’s Pizza, Inc.
Originator of Flavored Crust Pizza; one of the nation’s largest pizza franchises.
www.hungryhowies.com 248-414-3300
$$$: $172,100-$345,900

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems
Commercial cleaning.
www.jan-pro.com 866-355-1064/678-336-1780
$$$: $950-$36,500 startup required.
Total investment: $2800-$44k

Jani-King International, Inc.
World’s largest commercial cleaning franchise.
$$$: $2,000 to $70,300 startup.
Total investment: $8,170 to $74,000

Jet Black
Beautifies and maintains asphalt & concrete pavement.
www.jet-black.com 888-538-2525/952-890-8343
$$$: Total investment ranges from $35k -$100k

JuiceItUp! – Balboa Brands
Smoothie & juice bar chain that specializes in blended-to-order real fruit smoothies & fresh-squeezed juices.
www.juiceitup.com 949-475-0146
$$$: $137,200-$325k; $20k franchise fee.

JumpBunch, Inc.
Preschool and school age sports and fitness programs held at day care centers and other venues.
$$$: The total investment is $35,200 to $41,200

Diverse selection of quality merchandise for just-a-buck.
www.just-a-buck.com 800-332-2229
$$$: Total investment ranges from $136,900 to $228,200.

Kennelwood Pet Resorts
Safe & healthy pet boarding.
$$$: $55k startup cash.
Total investment: $799,287-$1,059,499


Dance, gymnastics, motor skills for kids.
$$$: $12,000-$40,000 startup.
Total investment: $14,950-$46,100

Kindergolf PTE LTD
Children’s golf.
658-322-6168/fax 656-242-1398
The company is based in Singapore.
$$$: visit the website for information.

Kitchen TuneUp
Residential and commercial remodeling business offering cabinet refacing, new cabinetry, tub lining systems, closet organizers and more.
$$$: The total investment ranges from $83k-$90k

Lawn Doctor
Tree, shrub, lawn care services.
$$$: $60k-$74,900 startup.
Total investment: $89k-$99,900

LED Source
LED Lighting supplier that specializes in full-scale evaluations and retrofits, plus consultation with these energy-efficient lighting solutions.
www.ledsource.com 866-900-4LED
$$$: $163,200-$403,900

Liberty Tax Service
Computerized tax preparation service that specializes in electronic filing and refund loans.
$$$: Total investment ranges from $35,350-$63,900

Liquid Capital Corp.
International network that helps small-and-medium sized businesses grow via factoring.
www.liquidcapitalcorp.com 877-228-0800
$$$: $58,200-$95,100

MAACO Franchising, Inc.
Driven Brands, Inc. “America’s body shop” with nearly 500 franchised locations across North America. Auto paint and auto body reapir.
www.maaco.com 704-644-8194/800-275-5200
$$$: $385k-$472k

McAlister’s Deli
McAlister’s Corporation Quick/casual restaurant chain featuring efficient counter ordering, attentive table service, high-quality deli-style foods (sandwiches, spuds, salads) and great price value.
888-855-DELI (3354)/601-952-1100
$$$: $400,000-$1,475,000 total investment.

McDonald’s Corporation
Quick service restaurant.
www.mcdonalds.com 630-623-6196
$$$: The total investment ranges
from $551,750-$1,791,000

Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc.
Driven Brands, Inc.
Full-service auto maintenance and repair specializing in brakes and general repair.
www.meineke.com 704-644-8194/800-275-5200
$$$: $182k-$427k

Merry Maids
Maid service.
www.merrymaids.com 800-798-8000/901-597-8100
$$$: $21k-$29k startup.
Total investment: $26,350-$57,450

Money Mizer Pawn & Jewelry
Combining traditional financing services as well as upscale store setting offering quality retail products.
www.moneymizerfranchises.com 706-563-5015
$$$: $500k-$600k

Mountain Mudd Espresso
Specialty coffee kiosk.
$$$: $66k-$203,500 total investment.

Nerd Force
Mobile computer and technology service.
$$$: $30k-$54k total investment.

Nitelites Outdoor Lighting
Residential and commercial outdoor lighting.
www.nitelites.com 877-821-4148/513-424-5510
$$$: $84k-$164,050 total investment.

Newk’s Franchise Company, LLC
Express casual dining experience with emphasis on fresh, flavor & quick service.
www.newks.com 601-982-1160
$$$: $719,500-$1,054,000

Nutrilawn, Inc.
Lawn care service offering minimal or no pesticide treatments to primarily residential homeowners.
www.nutrilawn.com 800-396-6096/416-620-7100
$$$: $75k to $125k total investment required.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
Residential and commercial architectural and landscape lighting and lighting control automation.
www.olpfranchise.com 877-898-8808/704-841-2666
$$$: total investment $77,500-$215,000

OXXO Care Centers
Boutique-style more eco-friendly dry cleaners.
www.oxxousa.com 866-GO2OXXO/954-921-6111
$$$: Total investment range $100,000-$1 million

Panchero’s Mexican Grill
A quick-service, fresh-Mexican franchise concept featuring homemade tortillas.
www.pancheros.com 319-545-6565
$$$: $305,175 – $629,000

Paws & Remember LLC
Pet memorialization and cremation.
email: rbinstock@pawsandremember.com
$$$: Contact the franchisor for information;
in biz since 1997, franchising since 2007.

Penn Station
Hot and cold subs, renowned for Philadelphia Cheesesteak sub, hot, fresh on freshly baked bread.
www.penn-station.com 513-474-5957
$$$: $255,944-$451,655

Perma-Glaze, Inc.
Multi-surface restoration, specializing in the renewal of worn or damaged kitchen fixtures and bathrooms.
$$$: Startup $3,500 to $5,000
Total investment: ranges from $29,500 to $42,500

Pillar To Post
Professional home inspection detailing more than 1600 key compenents of a home.
U.S.: 877-604-8584    Canada: 416-620-3960
$$$: $30k

Pirtek USA
Pirtek is the world’s leading service provider of ETA 1 Hour On-Site Hose Replacement centers and a fleet of 1,500 mobile units
$$$: $120k-$150k startup;
Total investment: $500k-$600k

Printwear Xpress Franchising Corp.
Personalized branded apparel.
$$$: Startup $40k-$50k;
Total investment: $148k-$170k

Retrofitness, LLC
A chain of 1980s-themed fitness centers with exciting and affordable workout environments for all fitness enthusiasts.
www.retrofitness.net 800-738-7604
$$$: $638,900 – $1,452,000

Salsarita’s Franchising
Fresh Mexican Cantina with bright, colorful atmosphere
www.salsaritas.com 704-540-9447
$$$: $317,500-$607,500

A franchise concept that designs, builds and installs Glide-Out shelving systems
www.shelfgenie.com 877-434-3643
$$$: investment range is $70,100 to $125,500

World’s largest sign franchise.
$$$: $44k-$46k startup.
Total investment: $148k-$155K

Signs By Tomorrow
Visual communications consultant that utilizes state-of-the-art sign-making technology to offer a wide variety of customized sign products and services that provide creative and affordable solutions to businesses.
www.signsbytomorrow.com 800-765-7446
$$$: $19,000-$263k total investment.

Smoothie King
Smoothies, nutritional snacks, vitamins under one roof.
$$$: The total investment ranges from
$148k -$229k

Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.
Traditional and organic lawn and tree care services nationwide.
$$$: $99,314-$212,150

Steamatic, Inc.
Cleaning & disaster recovery services worldwide.
$$$: Startup $25k-$80k
Total investment: required $55k-$150k.

Freshly made sub sandwiches and more.
$$$: The total investment ranges from

Value hair salon owned by Regis Corporation.
888-888-7008/952-947-7900 Fax
$$$: Net worth of $300k and liquid capital of
$100k req.

Sweet & Sassy
Children’s retail, spa and party.
www.sweetandsassy.com 817-756-6523
$$$: In business since 2004, franchising since 2005.
Contact company for details.

Taste of Mediterranean
Serves delicious and nutritious Greek and Lebanese Food. Franchising in Canada and the U.S. 3 concepts, Restaurants, Food Court and Kiosk Locations.
$$$: As low as $95,000, their Franchise Fee is $20,000 (one time only) and they charge a flat royalty fee of $1000 a month.

Tasti D-Lite
World’s leading provider of good-for-you products served in a happy environment. Signature soft-serve, dairy-based frozen dessert is lower in calories, fat.
www.tastidlite.com 615-550-3110
$$$: contact the company for info

TSS Photography, Inc.
Youth sports, school and event photography.
$$$: Startup range $15,500-$29,660.
Total investment: $38,750-$74,150

Value Place
An economy extended-stay lodging and short-term residential property brand.
www.valueplace.com 866-456-8737
$$$: $3,500,000 – $7,000,000

We The People
We The People is a franchised high-quality, affordable legal document preparation service for consumers who choose to represent themselves in simple, uncontested legal matters.
www.wethepeopleusa.com 866-429-2785
$$$: $123,200-$169,500

The International Franchise Association (IFA) is a treasure trove of information and knowledge for anyone considering the purchase of a franchise. The IFA publishes the Franchise Opportunities Guide® that is a wonderful source for information on franchising options. The Guide provides company, contact and background information on all franchisor and supplier members of the International Franchise Association. To order a copy or to learn more about the IFA, visit http://www.franchise.org

Expanding Franchise Has Recipe For Success

It all began on January 6, 2004. The first Taste of Mediterranean restaurant opened its doors in Downtown Toronto (Canada) on Front Street. While a lot has changed since 2004, the company’s commitment to bring you the Best in Greek and Lebanese Food has not.

Taste of Mediterranean which has 18 locations all over Canada is now moving forward with USA They just signed up their first franchisee in the United States and are opening the first location in New Hampshire at the mall at Rockingham Park in early 2013.
Taste of Mediterranean serves Greek and Lebanese Food. They serve Popular Mediterranean Sandwiches Like Gyro, Souvlaki, Shawarma and Falafel, Assorted Salads ( Greek, 6 Bean Salad, Tabouleh, etc) and Assorted Platters Like Greek Platter and Lebanese Platter. They have 3 concepts, Restaurants, Food Court and Kiosk Locations.
They can help you open a location for you for as low as $95,000, their Franchise Fee is $20,000 (one time only) and they charge a flat royalty fee of $1000 a month.

For more information:
EMAIL: info@tasteofmediterranean.ca
PHONE: 416-821-5561
FAX: (Toll Free) 1-866-735-1045 (Valid
in Canada and USA)

2 Toronto St. # 324
Toronto, ON, M5C 2B5

(Please note: The Canada and U.S. companies are two separate companies.)

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