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[ 0 ] Jan. 2, 2013 | SBO Editor

Newly Launched HAND Stylus Features the World’s Smallest Tip

Eco-Friendly Stylus Provides Superior Precision and Accuracy for Touchscreen Users

With the popularity of tablets and smartphones growing exponentially with no sign of slowing down, the revolutionary, yet eco-friendly HAND Stylus (MSRP $29.95) is determined to replace user’s dirty, bulky fingers when it comes to using touchscreen devices. The masterfully crafted HAND Stylus features the world’s smallest (4 mm) tip, resulting in superior precision and accuracy.

Unlike any other stylus, the HAND Stylus’s tip rotates as it retracts so it will wear evenly. With the tip retracted and protected, and because all the stylus edges are smoothed for comfort and to prevent scratches, the HAND Stylus can easily be tossed into a book bag, backpack, briefcase or purse. Tips are even easy to replace and six-packs of extra tips (MSRP $9.95) are available in a handy tin canister.

Used with or without a screen protector, the HAND Stylus is great for making notes, drawing, taking credit card signatures, and playing games on tablets. On touchscreen phones, the pen-like stylus works well for clicking tiny links, selecting small text, and typing on diminutive virtual keyboards. And the HAND Stylus is perfect for those who wear gloves, have long fingernails, or prefer screens free of smudges and fingerprints.

What’s more, HAND Stylus and its tin gift box packaging are made from recycled or recyclable materials. To further reduce their carbon footprint, the makers of HAND Stylus purchase nonprofit carbon credits to offset the use of nonrenewable energy.

Available in 6 colors including black, orange, blue, red, green and pink, there’s a HAND Stylus for touchscreen users of all ages. Anyone who uses a touch screen device such as a tablet, iPhone, Android phone or e-reader can learn more and purchase HAND Stylus at www.handstylus.com.

About HAND Stylus

Developed by Steven King and launched in March 2012, the masterfully-crafted HAND Stylus features the world’s smallest retracting, rotating, replaceable tip (4 mm). Determined to reduce their carbon footprint, the makers of the pen-like HAND Stylus use recycled or recyclable materials in their products and packaging, purchase carbon credits to offset the use of nonrenewable energy and consciously choose eco-friendly methods of operating business. To learn more, visit www.handstylus.com.

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