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5 Business Predictions For 2013

[ 0 ] Jan. 3, 2013 | SBO Editor

Barry Sloane, CEO, Newtek: The Small Business Authority, put together his 5 business predictions for 2013:

1) Managing ObamaCare:

+ Under new rules, businesses with more than 50 employees will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine.

+ Prediction: Look for small businesses to have less full time employees and more part-time employees

2) Growth Through Lending:

+ New Credit is not available through typical sources due to increased regulation.

+ Prediction: Crowd-funding and creative, on-line financial support will become more common for businesses looking to grow.

3) E-Commerce Is Now

+ The success of Cyber Monday, the prevalence of smartphones, and nearly $1 Trillion in sales this year has made it clear, businesses need to be able to sell online.

+ Prediction: As small businesses enhance their online presence, we’ll see their office space actually shrink as the need for a storefront is minimized.

4. CyberSecurity will become a primary concern.

+ As e-commerce grows, hackers will increase their efforts to steal credit card numbers and identities during transaction periods.

+ Prediction: There will be 3-4 major hacks to retail sites in 2013. Look for cyber security to be a focus for businesses.

5. The Disasters of 2012 Will Lead Businesses To The Cloud

+ The businesses that were up and running shortly after tornadoes and hurricanes were those that did most of their business online. Additionally, those that had their information stored on computers in their offices lost nearly everything.

+ Prediction: Look for businesses and families to put most of their critical information online where it’s safe and easily accessible.

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