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FinderCodes: Easy To Use Lost & Found System

[ 0 ] Dec. 5, 2012 | SBO Editor

QR codes are everywhere – from billboards to buses and TV, but how useful are they to the general consumer?

FinderCodes  uses the proliferated technology in an easy—and actually useful—system that helps solve the common problem of lost personal items. QR codes are a valuable, yet under-utilized tool, and FinderCodes has adapted them to fit the needs of the laymen consumer.

Minneapolis-based FinderCodes recently announced its electronic lost and found system. The system combines the use of mobile phones, QR codes and apps to fill the everyday need of recovering valuable lost items.

Now available for purchase at www.FinderCodes.com, AT&T co-branded FinderCodes kits, available in seven different product lines, blend scannable QR codes, smartphones, the Internet and durable identification tags to enable a quick, secure and hassle-free return of lost valuables — including pets, electronics, sports equipment and more

Although the majority of mobile phones are smartphones, finders don’t even have to have a smartphone to use FinderCodes – they can log in online and type in the given code to alert the owner of their lost item. FinderCodes has harnessed the simple and safe technology to benefit the average consumer.

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