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Burger King Reaches Out To Latin America

[ 0 ] Dec. 3, 2012 | SBO Editor

The Burger King system in Latin America and the Caribbean has launched a new, region-wide, unified website. For the first time, every country across the region will have a website with a consistent look and feel that gives guests the opportunity to ask questions and leave comments and feedback for a more interactive experience with the brand.

The site will be accessible in English, Spanish and Portuguese depending on the guest’s market.

Internet use, and in particular, social media engagement is on the rise across Latin America and the Caribbean. To capitalize on this growth, drive traffic to the new site and increase social conversation around the brand, Burger King Worldwide has also developed a new regional Facebook page.

“Our vision is to become leaders in digital marketing for the quick-service restaurant industry,” said Jose R. Costa, vice president, marketing for Latin America/Caribbean Region, Burger King Worldwide. ” Latin America and the Caribbean are huge growth markets for our brand. This digital investment will leverage the increasing popularity of the Internet and social media in these markets while accelerating the growth of our brand presence.”

While the appearance and main features of the site will be consistent across the region, each country’s site will be tailored to feature local menu items and country-specific promotional activities and guests logging on will be directed to the site specific to their country.

Key features of the new site include:

  • An interactive menu suggesting to guests products that are available during the time of the day they log onto the website. For example, if guests visit the website at 9 a.m. BK’s breakfast menu will be featured on the site;
  • Full nutritional information for each menu item featuring a calorie counter. This tool calculates the calorie content of guests’ customized meals;
  • An interactive restaurant locator detailing a restaurant’s location and features such as Wi-Fi availability at the location;
  • A featured promotions section specific for each country;
  • Details on the BK Positive Steps program which encourages guests to make more informed decisions on eating healthy and exercising, and to get acquainted with BK’s efforts toward this initiative in each local community;
  • A “What’s New” section where guests can find downloadable coupons and offers for their participating local restaurant;
  • A family-friendly web page where parents can find full details on how to host a party at their local BK restaurant. This page includes an event calculator and links to a party advisor for additional help; and
  • A guest services section where, for the first time, customers can leave feedback on their Burger King experience as well as finding answers to frequently asked questions.

The Facebook page will feature a series of strong visual images of Burger King menu items. The cover image will be updated on a regular basis highlighting new promotions, menu items and, to personalize the experience, loyal customers who post the best comments will have the opportunity to be featured as the avat

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