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Shoplet.com Offers Easy Home-Office Buying Solutions

[ 0 ] Oct. 8, 2012 | SBO Editor

There are currently 38 million home based businesses in America. Due to the cost effectiveness of running a business out of one’s home, a new home based business appears every 12 seconds. Small business owners have many options to help reduce not only costs, but their carbon footprint by using the space they already have. Homes and apartments alike are more than suitable for an office space and with the advent of online programs that connect nearly everyone, working from home has become socially acceptable with companies encouraging remote offices.

Shoplet.com, founded in 1994 on the premise of simplicity, selection, and service, boasts the knowledge that small to medium sized businesses need to not merely survive, but thrive. With space and costs often being the deciding factors on whether to keep a business at home or move to a larger location, Shoplet.com offers unprecedented access to tools that allow small business owners to optimize tight cash flow constraints when running their business. Shoplet.com has organized a quick list for your reader in regards to best practices;

–          Schedule And Save-business owners can have products they know they will need regularly drop shipped to their home office on a weekly, monthly, or self determined basis.

–          No Commute-home offices can save money and the environment by not commuting to work. It is estimated that a commuteless worker will save $3,000 on gas alone and 1.3 tons of Co2. Further, with Shoplet’s delivery service, home offices don’t need to travel for consumables increasing monetary and environment savings.

–          Shoplet’s Trained Business Specialists-available to be called upon at any time when business owners do not have the time to order themselves, forget to order a product, or need advice and assistance in obtaining the items that they need to effectively run their business

–          Home Court Advantage– an ever increasing number of business opportunities are occurring over different timelines, home offices are more capable of handling 3am phone calls. Home offices also boast the ability to order supplies online 24/7 from Shoplet’s online store.

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