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Making A Spectacle of Your Business With Crystal Custom Eyewear

[ 3 ] Oct. 24, 2012 | SBO Editor

Crystal Custom Eyewear founders, Bruce Coustillas and Terry Ruffo, recognized a void in the industry of past promotional tools and the inability to reach all spectrums of a companies marketing strategy, both digital/social media and print. The first promotional and advertising product was created in 1789 for George Washington’s Presidential campaign. Until now, several industry leading tools from coffee mugs to rubber bracelets have been the primary merchandise to purchase for promoting ones company or brand. Founded in 2009, the company is based in Miami, Fl. Visit www.CrystalCustom.com for more info.

“There was a void in the market that needed to provide immediate impact with social media presence and affordability in mind,” states Bruce Coustillas.

It is the first-ever eyewear that transmits an advertising message and acts as a fashion accessory for both men and women. Your brand can be a “walking-billboard” as well as connect to the “window to the soul – the eyes,” which is the most important way for a personal and emotional experience to take play in pushing a company that much further ahead.

“The eyewear provides a ‘billboard effect,’ exposing an advertiser’s logo to anyone who comes in contact with the person wearing them or through photos taken,” Coutillas continues, “the window to one’s soul is the eyes and if you have frames that speak a thousand words, it is hard for one not to notice.”

Coustillas & Ruffo also made sure that this product drives all key performance indicators such as sales, brand loyalty and awareness, all while providing a fashionable and fun memory for friends.

The owners have chosen to not cut corners, with a patent pending in its final stage, by using full-color and hi-resolution images where onlookers can see. Yet, the eyewear has a clear view looking out.

Crystal Custom Eyewear has proven its ability to hit all key performance indicators with repeat customers, celebrity approval, orders from fortune 500 companies, and mass social media impact with 1.3million twitter followers.

The eyewear is available in several colors, personalized custom designs can be created, 100% UV protection in selected styles, 2-4 days shipment, multi-use for events and holidays, and two styles – the “standard Ray-Bay” frame and the “Wayfarer,” which is Crystal Custom’s most popular style. Also available are the “Aviator” frame that has a larger lens size and can also come in a tiger p

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  • Jason L.

    Let’s talk FACTS:
    1 – Mr. Coustillas DIDNT invent ANYTHING, perforated eyewear are out there since the 80’s.
    2 – The first company to create this type of glasses is based in France (nunettes)
    3 – Mr. Coustillas took the idea from a young guy in Miami
    4 – Mr, Coustillas BOUGHT 99% of his 1.3mil Twitter followers !!! (you really think he have more followers than Coca Cola?????)
    5 – As a magazine (online or print) you should show some min pro ethics and check the facts, the fact is that NO ONE in the industry works with this guys anymore ! (just talk to the biggest night clubs in the US)

    I was their client for a while (for my business in L.A), unprofessional company that bash and lie about their competitors.

    • Robert

      They are the number 1 worldwide. Biggest company recommend me to them and I had the perfect product ! They are the only company that was able to manufacture 200 000 units in less than 10 days. I met them, and I can tell you, they really are the number 1 !

  • Steven B.

    Great Joke – “The owners have chosen to not cut corners, with a patent pending in its final stage”