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Cab Co. In Beverly Hills Says Biz Is On The Move

[ 0 ] Sep. 20, 2012 | SBO Editor

As gas prices have increased, and reliance on one’s own personal car has declined slightly in Southern California, Beverly Hills Cab Co. owner Joseph Mehrabi has observed a noticeable increase in taxi service in Los Angeles.

This happens to come at a beneficial time for customers, because it turns out that to build a loyal customer base over the past few decades, and to stand out from the crowd, a taxi company has had to provide more than just a point-A-to-point-B experience. In fact, it’s required a lot more. Beverly Hills Cab Co. has made a name for itself by projecting success through its sky blue cars, and unusually courteous drivers. Says Mehrabi: “Bigger companies don’t have to surprise customers with the quality and cleanliness of the car, or the friendliness of the driver. But we’ve had to do these things in order to compete.”

While they may not be the most recognizable name in taxi transportation, Beverly Hills Cab Company has spent their time as an upstart business winning the loyalty of customers who take a chance on them. Consequently, huge swaths of customers never venture outside Beverly Hills Cab Co.

“The first time I called, I had them take my mother to a hospital appointment,” said one loyal customer. “She wouldn’t stop talking about how comfortable the car was, and what a nice fellow the driver was. I had to see for myself. Now they’re the only company I call.” He added, “You have to give them a try to see what I mean.”

With taxi use increasing, customers reap the benefit of extra service and special treatment on display at Beverly Hills Cab Co. But unfortunately not all customers know the vast difference between Beverly Hills Cab Co. and all the rest.

Beverly Hills Cab Co. is a full service cab company serving all of Los Angeles County. As a family-oriented taxi company, they focus on customer loyalty, and personalized service.  They offer medical drop-off, multi-stop retail outings, sightseeing trips and more in addition to nightlife service and point-to-point travel. Naturally another area of focus is on customers seeking a taxi to Los Angeles International airport.

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