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Expert: Email Wastes 2000 Hours A Year

[ 0 ] Aug. 20, 2012 | SBO Editor

Inefficient email practices rob the average small businessof more than 2,000 hours a year, says email management expert Kimberly Medlock, who launched a new course today to help office workers be more productive.

“A company with 50 employees, each spending just 10 minutes a day on unnecessary email, wastes 2,000 hours a year of productivity,” says Medlock, whose new “Get Organized with Outlook Online Course” can help office administrators create systems for managing email that reduce stress and improve productivity. “Consistently doing the right ‘little’ things can often pay off with big results.”

“The course will help workers at small businesses become more productive as they learn how to clean out inboxes with a system that helps process email,” says Medlock, who speaks to businesses and associations about time management, office productivity and stress reduction.

“Office administrators and managers will learn about very useful Outlook features that can save tons of time and improve their companies’ communication reputation,” says Medlock, president of Productive Matters, a productivity, training and consulting company for large businesses and small businesses.

“I believe in the power of organization for your time, mind, spaces and information. When your work environment is disorganized it can drain mental energy. There’s something about having clarity and control over all the loose ends that makes a person feel confident to handle situations. I am an expert at helping people learn how to clear the clutter in their time, mind, spaces and information,” said Medlock, a Certified¬†Microsoft Outlook Specialist.

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