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The Lemonhead Movement & Youth Entrepreneurship

[ 0 ] Jul. 16, 2012 | SBO Editor

Every year over 1,400 small business-owners connect to exchange ideas, strategies and inspiration.  This is facilitated with the help of some of the most successful business consultants in the country, through the America’s Small Business Development Center’s Annual Conference.

This year, the Annual ASBDC Conference will be held in New Orleans, La. from Sept. 11-14, 2012; and they have invited The Lemonhead Movement, headquartered in Leesburg, Va. to help bring awareness to the importance of youth entrepreneurship and the successes that can follow training high school and college students in entrepreneurship principles.  The Lemonhead Movement follows the model from the “13 Principles” described in the book, The Lemonade Stand, written by Ara Bagdasarian and Nick Gustavsson, winner of the 2012 Small Business Book Awards in the “Start-up” category.

Plans for this year’s ASBDC Conference include objectives to help facilitate the importance of successful entrepreneurship and not having to rely on the government for employment.  These objectives closely follow the mission of the Lemonhead Movement, which is to “lower unemployment one entrepreneur at a time.”  Furthermore, the leader and influential voice of the Lemonhead Movement, Amy P. Kelly, shares that, “encouraging innovation and self-reliance through entrepreneurship has a major impact on the state of our economy.”

All of these ideas can be shared at the ASBDC Conference with the help of what is called a “LemonDrop.”  A LemonDrop takes place when someone purchases The Lemonade Stand book, and the team at The Lemonhead Movement donates a free copy to someone that is currently unemployed.  One of the goals, before the conference in September, is to acquire a corporate sponsor which will allow them to have their biggest LemonDrop ever and the resources to present copies of The Lemonade Stand to all the attendees.

Another supporter of the Lemonhead Movement, and member of the Loudoun Lemonhead Council, Dr. Miles K. Davis from Shenandoah University explains why the 13 Principles mentioned in the book are integral in helping to boost the U.S. economy; “So many people are dependent on an employer to earn a living, not realizing they have knowledge, skills and abilities that could have far greater impact if they struck out on their own, even if just part time.”

The Lemonhead Movement will be sharing these ideas at the 2012 Annual ASBDC Conference in New Orleans in September, with hopes that entrepreneurs will use the strategies provided in The Lemonade Stand to help start and maintain a successful small business.

The Lemonhead Movement started from two entrepreneurs’ desire to encourage entrepreneurship and provide their personal expertise to aspiring entrepreneurs through the thirteen principles detailed in The Lemonade Stand book. The goal is simple: teach the principles of The Lemonade Stand to as many entrepreneurs as possible – and energize them to be successful. To achieve this, the Lemonhead Movement gives away one copy of The Lemonade Stand for every copy purchased.

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