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ProTect Painters Offer Businesses Spring Cleaning Color Ideas

[ 0 ] Jun. 11, 2012 | SBO Editor

“Spring cleaning” is not just a time for homeowners to re-evaluate their physical space.
Business owners could use this time of year to re-evaluate their office
and/or retail color schemes to boost foot traffic and to increase
employee morale. ProTect Painters, a national franchise specializing in
interior and exterior home and commercial painting projects has
specific color recommendations to help make those goals a reality.

“The research on color and mood has been well-established over the past
30 years. However, many business owners are unaware that they have the
power to drive sales and increase employee retention just with a
strategic use of paint. This is where we come in,” said Chris Ring,
ProTect Painters Vice President of Operations and Training.

Here are some quick color tips, according to Ring and several
additional sources such as The Directory Journal, University of
Minnesota’s Informe Design department, About.com and Infoplease.com:

—  Blue: Elicits feelings of tranquility and confidence. This is the least
appetizing color, so it should not be the main color in office break
rooms or in restaurants. However, people are more productive in blue
rooms. Therefore, it is a good choice for office walls.
—  Pink: Tranquilizing, so be careful. Sports teams sometimes paint the
locker room of opposing teams pink so they will lose energy. You don’t
want employees falling asleep on the job.
—  Green: Representative of nature, health, and relaxation. Currently, this
is the most popular color for decorating because it is easiest on the
—  Red: Stimulates appetite in restaurants, but also raises blood pressure
and heart rate. It does make people more cautious and accurate in their
work, but the color should be used sparingly, as it also unconsciously
symbolizes dominance.
—  Yellow: People tend to lose their tempers most often in yellow rooms. It
is the hardest color for the eye to take in. Yellow enhances
concentration, speeds metabolism, and is perfect for office break rooms,
restaurants and bathrooms.
—  Orange: Denotes balance and excitement. This color is great for a
fitness center, for example.
—  Black: Effective in small doses as an accent color. It symbolizes power,
formality, and elegance.
—  White: Simple, pure, clean, and brings a summery lightness to any room.
Too much use of white in an office can make workers less productive. To
use white effectively, an accented wall, colorful furnishings, or
artwork should be incorporated.

ProTect Painters is a professional painting contractor franchise
specializing in interior and exterior, residential and light commercial
painting projects. The brand’s strong foundation is built on franchisee
training and support created by founder Wayne Scherger, who started the
company in 1994. In 2009, ProTect Painters was acquired by Service
Brands International to join its forces with Molly Maid, Mr. Handyman,
and 1-800-DryClean brands.

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