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Win A Business! StarScapes International Is Giving Away 2 Opportunities

[ 0 ] Jun. 11, 2012 | SBO Editor

STARSCAPES.COM, 23 years in business, a seller of a fabulous 3D bedroom ceiling stargazing product, will host a live Web giveaway, to readers of Small Business Opportunities Magazine, awarding two valuable home-based business opportunity packages — The Professional STARSCAPES® StarBiz Program.As the global recession persists, thousands of people continue to lose their jobs every month. This climate is an ideal time to declare independence from the corporate world and try something new, such as a home-based business, according to Starscapes.com, a renowned specialty-artist training company.

Now, Starscapes.com is allowing would-be entrepreneurs a chance to dive into business ownership with no risk.

Just in time for Independence Day, STARSCAPES® International is giving away two of its premier opportunity packages, known as the Professional StarBiz Program, valued at over $5,000 each. In a live Web event on June 30th, celebrating Independence Day the following weekend, in what they’re calling “The Last Great Chance to Become Independent,” the names of the two winners will pop up on www.STARSCAPES.COM .

Anyone interesting in learning more about the contest, and signing up, may visit www.STARSCAPES.COM .

Unfortunately, in suburban and urban areas, light pollution has hidden the magnificent starry night sky that once was previously visible to everyone, everywhere. STARSCAPES® International has built a glowing reputation based on its product: STARSCAPES®, a realistic-looking, three dimensional, cosmic ceiling mural installed in homes and hotel rooms. With the company’s excellent EZ educational system, equipment, tools, and supplies, one can be a space art virtuoso in a weekend. Appearing as though they are miles away, thousands of stars, constellations, shooting stars and the Milky Way are finally visible to the stargazers.

STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists share in the success of this amazing product by investing a small amount – as low as $5 in materials- and turning it into $100, $500, or even as much as $1,500 in just a couple of hours.

STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists from more than 160 countries have built successful businesses since 1991.

The STARSCAPES® StarBiz program is not a franchise – it is fully owned by the individual Artist-Illusionist, who keeps all of his or her earnings. Furthermore, the economy has made several realities clear. First, hotels trying to stay ahead of the competition are always looking for unique ways to promote themselves, giving Artist-Illusionists many potential corporate customers. Second, people taking “staycations” instead of traveling far away, and having STARSCAPES® is an attractive way to “escape” in their own homes. Adults that are stressed, or children that are afraid of the dark will find a peaceful haven under the magnificent star filled sky. Third, as the economy evolves, it is even more important to have a valuable skill one can barter with.

To register for the giveaway and learn more about the STARSCAPES® StarBiz, click on http://www.starscapes.com .

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