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Schools & Biz Can Do More With Less

[ 0 ] May. 17, 2012 | SBO Editor

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing solutions,
and Userful, the world leader in cloud managed Linux desktop
virtualization, recently announced a partnership to deliver a low cost
zero client solution that enables schools and businesses to deploy
three to four times as many computer users for the same cost. The
MultiClient solution turns one Linux computer into 20+ high
performance independent computer stations (with monitors, mice and
keyboards) using the ViewSonic VMA line of zero clients and Userful’s
MultiSeat software. It provides all the benefits of traditional thin
client computing, but with higher performance, and lower costs.

The ViewSonic VMA line of zero clients enable customers to connect
multiple computer stations to a single host computer either directly
over USB (for a close-proximity, “one room” solution) or using
ethernet for a LAN based solution that can connect stations
throughout a building to a single PC in the server room.

Powered by Userful MultiSeat Linux software, ViewSonic’s MultiClients
dramatically reduce the cost of deploying large numbers of computers.
Having a classroom of students engaging with technology once required
a PC for each individual, but with ViewSonic’s MultiClient solution,
a full classroom of learning is powered by only one small server. The
result is the compromise-free reduction of hardware and power costs.

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