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Public Liability Insurance for Diamond Jubilee Party Disasters

[ 0 ] May. 7, 2012 | SBO Editor

As the countdown to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations continue to gather momentum, local councils, residents and private companies are already putting the final touches to their planned events and parties.

PublicLiabilityInsurance.org, a leading resource and quote comparison website for public liability insurance in the UK is today warning event organizers and party planners of the dangers of not having in place the proper liability insurance policies.

PublicLiabilityInsurance.org would like to remind these organisers and event planners that having the proper level of public liability insurance in place is paramount should they be planning to offer food and drinks to guests, launching fireworks or sky lanterns, or enlisting any external suppliers for event and entertainment services.

Local residents planning smaller, low-key street party events are also advised to contact their local councils for further guidance on public liability insurance requirements for their specific areas.

People are increasingly aware of their legal rights, and are more willing and more able to resort to legal action to obtain redress for injury, loss or damage caused by another party. It can be expensive to lose a legal action. Reforms to the legal system and a claimant-friendly legal environment mean that awards for personal injury continue to rise.

James Buck, a spokesperson for Publicliabilityinsurance.org and industry expert, warns Diamond Jubilee party organisers not to ignore the potential dangers of parties, and the compensation claims that can arise when incidents occur.

“People of a certain age who took part in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977 are only too aware that times have changed,” James commented.  “What hasn’t changed is the fact that accidents, damages and even illnesses can happen at street parties, or be directly attributed to attendance at street parties.  What has changed dramatically since 1977 is that an overwhelming compensation culture has emerged, and continues to evolve.

“Nowadays, it’s all about instigating claims if blame can be apportioned.  This is, of course, exactly as it should be in cases of genuine negligence.  The number of things that can wrong at street parties really is untold.  Therefore, prudent party planners should really think about taking out public liability protection, in case anything untoward does happen and claims arise as a result.”

PublicLiabilityInsurance.org provides detailed information and guidance on the importance of Public Liability Protection for individuals and small business.

“We understand that finding the right type of business insurance can be a tricky and somewhat daunting task. Our aim is to provide individuals with the information they need to choose the level of insurance cover that will protect themselves and their business,” says the organization.

Source: Rick Miller: http://choicesandsuccess.com/about/about-rick-miller/

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