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Mail.com Offers Email Management Ease

[ 0 ] Apr. 9, 2012 | SBO Editor

New Features Ease Time Management for mail.com Users

  • Consumers waste time juggling multiple email accounts
  • Apple and Android apps improve efficiency when on-the-go
  • mail.com users receive instant visual and audible email notifications

Email management is taking up a significant amount of time for the average Web user. In fact, more than 60% of emailers have at least three separate email addresses, according to research from 1&1 Mail & Media Inc[i]. Acquiring multiple mail accounts is not a surprising result of people’s various social groups such as school, business and personal relationships. However, the desire to maintain these separate circles with different lines of communication requires significant time and attention.  As one of the leading email providers in the United States, mail.com, http://www.mail.com, has enhanced its product with additional valuable features making it suitable for both consumer and professional users.

mail.com’s flagship Mail Collector tool lets users combine multiple email accounts into one, single access point, which is a primary inbox allowing access to all webmail messages. Furthermore, offering more than 200 domain options for users to choose from when registering an email address allows people to communicate their personality and professionalism more clearly via email.

With additional recent feature enhancements to the platform, users can now efficiently access email via mobile devices. Instant email notification via the new mail.com toolbar is also now possible as either a sound and/or a visual display that, if clicked on the desktop, will direct users to the home screen tab within their inbox. Users will have an improved webmail experience overall that brings them greater convenience and accessibility for communicating online. All features combined, this cohesive webmail platform provides any type of user with the opportunity to save significant time while managing various email accounts used for different reasons. For business users, for example, such efficiency in communication can help develop their credibility as an information source and the reliability of products or services with their client base.

“Since the migration to 1&1 Mail & Media last year, mail.com has directed its focus to provide optimized usability and convenience for both business and private users,” said Jan Oetjen, CEO of 1&1 Mail & Media Inc. “Our research has proven that more than 75% of users value access to multiple features and ease of use more than anything else in an email provider. We applied this feedback to the platform by enhancing the accessibility of mail.com for our users through two new features, saving them valuable time in their busy schedules.”

mail.com Apps

As mobile technology has become a staple in the US, people are looking towards mobile applications to achieve day-to-day tasks. Free applications suited for Apple and Android operating systems have been developed to make mail.com users’ email experience seamless. Remote access to important emails, contacts and folders is achievable with an optimized view suited for the smaller smartphone screens.

For those who do not have a device with either the Apple iOs or Android system, it is still possible to view an optimized version of mail.com on a mobile Web browser. When a user accesses mail.com on a smartphone, the appearance and functionality will automatically be suitable for the smaller screen. A link to view the page as the “desktop site” is available at the bottom of the homepage for those who prefer the original view.

mail.com Toolbar

As mobile access to email has increased in popularity, users also value accessibility within a webmail service. One enhancement recently released for mail.com users is the mail.com toolbar, which provides instant notifications for new messages. Once downloaded, users only need to log into their email once through the mail.com toolbar in order to experience its benefits. Such benefits include an internet search bar, news feeds and audio and visual notifications when new messages arrive. Combined, these features create an environment that makes communication timely and easy to manage.

“The new features eliminate the need to switch between browser windows and continuously log in and out of their different email accounts,” said Oetjen. “The anytime accessibility on mobile devices is also a key change to suit the modern lifestyles of on-the-go professionals.”

To learn more and download these new features, visit http://www.mail.com/tools.

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