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Share High Res Images on iPhone Via Kicksend

[ 0 ] Mar. 12, 2012 | SBO Editor

File sharing is at an all time high – but when it comes to image quality or ease of use, today’s file sharing either limits the quality and/or limits the amount of files you can share at one time [iPhone only lets you share 5 photos at a time in low-quality/compressed]. And most sharing apps require the receiver to set up an account.

Enter Kicksend, a company that got its incubation through Y Combinator and is now ready for prime-time and available to the mass market. With a new iPhone app just launched, Kicksend makes sharing high-res, original quality images and heavy files – and we are talking massive amounts – up to 30 images and files at one time – a snap. And recipients don’t have to join the service in order to receive the files. In fact, over 50 percent of Kicksend users aren’t signed up as members, but are actively using the service.

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