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Finding An Intern Is Just a Click Away

[ 0 ] Feb. 20, 2012 | SBO Editor

Intern Profits, a service of Efficient Enterprises, Inc, has released an upgraded version of their US-based college and university internship program database. Aside from assisting small businesses in understanding how to find an intern, they have now made the search for interns even easier through their upgraded database.

This intern database allows business owners to log-in to the Intern Profits Member’s area and to begin their search of colleges and university internships programs across the United States while also utilizing various member exclusive tools.

“We are pleased to be releasing this new version of our intern database to further improve the search results of our customers,” said Justin Lee, CEO of Efficient Enterprises, Inc. and Co-Founder of Intern Profits.

The database provides contact information, including: contact name, email, URL, internship submission URL and information on types of internships allowed at each school for over 400 schools across the US. The database also allows the user to search colleges and universities by:

Degree or Major – corresponding to the type of intern the organization or business owner is looking for
State – allowing the user to choose what state in which a college or university internships program is located to get an intern from

The latest version also allows users to search for internship programs by:

Virtual or On-Site Internships – allowing the user to search the database by colleges or universities that allow virtual and/or on-site internships
Paid or Unpaid Internships – allowing the user to search for internships programs that allow for paid and/or unpaid internships

The service is available through the InternProfits website. With the launch of the latest upgrade there is a current promotion offering 30 days of access to the intern database for only $1.00. The regular monthly cost for database access is $9.95 and does not require a long term contract, making it easy for business owners to opt out of the service use should they choose to do so.

To learn more about the College and University Database visit: http://www.internprofits.com/1-dollar-database-trial/

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