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Corporate Worker Launches His Own Dream Biz

[ 0 ] Nov. 3, 2011 | SBO Editor

Tim Fier had spent his entire career working for a Fortune 50 company, but after years of uncertainty and some frustration, Fier decided to drastically change careers by starting his own business, CertaPro Painters, 15050 Cedar Ave. S., in Apple Valley.

Fier had always worked for a large, retail company performing advertising and marketing duties, but many talented people in the industry lost their jobs in recent years, namely due to restructuring.

“One of the things that happened a lot in corporations in recent years is restructures,” he said. “Even if I did a good job, there was not that certainty that I would be there in six months.”

This uncertainty, combined with his long-held desire to be his own boss, was a motivating factor for Fier to step out on his own.

“I had always wanted to by my own business owner,” he explained. “I’m in my early 40s. If I’m ever going to make a career change like this and become my own business owner, now is the time.”

The entrepreneur purchased a CertaPro Painters franchise this past March. Before making the purchase, Fier did a great deal of research, looked at many options, took into account the capital investment, and eventually decided that he wanted to be in the service industry.

“I really wanted to look at the service type of business instead of a company,” he said, adding that he really enjoys dealing with members of the public as opposed to the lack of any interaction in his previous career. “I really enjoy that part of my job more than anything.”

Fier went on to say that in addition to the personal interaction, there is much satisfaction to be had after successfully completing a job for clients and seeing their happiness. Ironically, Fier explained he was not a painter himself, adding that as owner, it was his job to run the business.

“I do not myself actually perform the work. My role is to run the business and work with the actual painters to complete the projects,” Fier said. “I actually provide work for more than a dozen people out there.”

The professional painters are not actual employees of Fier’s business. Instead they are hired on a retainer basis depending on the type of project and volume of work secured. For now, Fier said he is keeping things relatively simple with regard to his business.

“What I’m focusing my business on is residential at this point. Fier said, referring to the types of projects he and his painters have been working on since March, but Fier added he intends to get into commercial painting in the future.

Despite being much happier now, the change Fier made has not come without some concern.

“It’s a scary thing not having the certainty of having a paycheck each week,” Fier noted, but added, “I’m truly enjoying it and I’m very, very happy.”

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