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Ads In Sky Over Football Games

[ 1 ] Oct. 24, 2011 | SBO Editor

“Imagine 50,000 people riveted to an ad with your company’s name or product on it.” Patrick Walsh, president of AirSign, Inc., says that can be a reality for any company, large or small, surprisingly inexpensively. After all, fifty thousand is the average attendance at an NCAA football game. The average attendance at an NFL game is 65,000, though some teams average as high as 80,000 for home games. No matter what the weather, rain or shine, cold or warm, the fans are going to be there to support the home team.

“Picture the sky as a giant billboard ready for your company’s name to be written on it,” says Walsh. “AirSign can do that in a variety of creative ways.”

Walsh is referring to AirSign’s multitude of aerial advertising options including banner ads, billboard ads, logo boards, helicopter ads, skywriting, and airship/blimp ads. A brief description of each would be helpful.

Banner ads are probably the best known. A strip of material up to seventy feet long containing a message written in seven-foot letters is pulled behind an airplane. As the plane passes over a crowd at a beach or sporting event, the message is read repeatedly by those who can’t help but to notice it.

Billboard ads are often a combination of a billboard containing the firm’s logo and a banner containing further information such as a phone number, web address, or special offer.

These ads can also be displayed from a helicopter. This has the advantage of a distinct, attention-grabbing sound and the ability to carry larger signs. Helicopters are also able to hover so that it can linger over an audience much longer.

Skywriting is widely known and is definitely attention grabbing as well as being environmentally friendly. The smoke lingers for a while, and then dissipates, leaving the message written on the minds of those who watched it form.

Airship/Blimp advertising is the newest addition to AirSign’s arsenal of advertising options. The manned blimps are large and have the name or logo of a company or product visible on the side. Blimps have the advantage of being able to linger over a gathering, clearly displaying an ad like a giant billboard in the sky.

“Football season is an ideal time to take advantage of aerial advertising,” says Wash. “It is the last big outdoor spectator sport before winter forces people indoors. Fans will be there. The only question is, will the name of your company also be there for them to see and remember during the holiday shopping season?”

About AirSign Aerial Advertising:

AirSign is a leading, full-service, nationwide aerial advertising agency that has been providing custom design, printing and flying of airplane banners as well as skywriting since 1997.

For more information, please contact:
Patrick Walsh
AirSign Aerial Advertising

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