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Study Says Small Biz Unprepared For Disaster

[ 0 ] Sep. 26, 2011 | SBO Editor

Disaster is something that happens to someone else, right? That’s what SMBs seem to think, as new research from Carbonite, Inc. points to overwhelming states of unpreparedness throughout the SMB community. Only 13 percent think data disaster could happen, leaving 87 percent turning a blind eye to the possibility. What these SMBs are ignoring is that data loss is a scenario that could cripple the business’ operations, perhaps permanently closing their doors in the wake of a single event.

The Carbonite study, which surveyed 130 small business owners in August 2011, revealed that 81 percent of small businesses consider data to be their organization’s most valuable asset. While this is the case, more than half (57 percent) do not have a plan to protect it.

A few interesting points the survey uncovered:

  • “Out of sight, out of mind” – The top reason businesses have not created a disaster preparedness plan is they simply “haven’t thought about it” (59 percent);
  • “My business can withstand disaster” – Only 69 percent believe they will lose money if their business could not function for even just one day; and
  • “It costs too much to have a preparedness plan” – 20 percent said cost factors into their lack of planning, noting they either do not have money or that costs of planning for a data disaster are unpredictable.

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