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Electronic Cigarettes

[ 0 ] Sep. 8, 2011 | SBO Editor

The Bull Smoke brand aims to help consumers find an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes that leaves no lingering effects such as odor, ash, and other environmental waste.

Electronic cigarettes have become popular in the last two years as many public and private establishments have banned cigarette smoking in the USA and other countries. The rise in popularity coupled with a recent FDA decision not to regulate the products as tobacco products green lighted the brand that’s been in works since 2009. With engineers testing several different models, including versions that didn’t come close to resembling a traditional cigarette, the end result is something that the company calls “Simple, effective, and so close to a traditional tobacco cigarette most people who use them tell their friends of the experience.” A modern approach at emulating the western lifestyle aims to gain traction with consumers of all sophistication levels.

“While we feel the future is quite bright for electronic cigarettes, we felt we didn’t need to complicate the brand,” said a company representative. “The simple approach and detailed explanation makes it easy for anyone to understand the way the products work. While the final product is quite complex, we feel an engineering degree is not required to understand the many benefits of our product,” he continued.

Electronic cigarettes have been the topic of debate in recent months due to the unknown long term affects – or improvements on health – switching to an electronic cigarette can have on people. What supporters of electronic cigarettes do agree on are the many positive aspects the devices have on society, including “no odor, no ash, no waste, and no cigarette burns.” While many people enjoy the electronic cigarettes only in places they can not enjoy a traditional cigarette, others have made the switch to electronic cigarettes and haven’t looked back to their odor-producing counterparts.

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