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MOM-PRENEUR Creates Financial Lit Program For Kids

[ 0 ] Aug. 15, 2011 | SBO Editor

Award-Winning mompreneur, Lori Mackey, guides kids down the road to financial freedom, and help parents put an end to the “gimmies”.  Having two young children of her own, Lori understands the hardships of trying to teach your children the value of money, and simple concepts such as saving, investing and spending money wisely. Lori created Prosperity4Kids to education children in a fun and engaging way, teaching valuable lessons on how to grow up and be financially savvy adults.

Lori recently partnered with ING DIRECT to create a series of fun and creative activity books that engage children in the basics of earning, spending, saving and investing through fun activities using word searches, check writing and math concepts teaching compound interest, investing and the rule of 72.  Schools and kids clubs have already begun to implement the books into their curriculum and school children are learning valuable life lessons in money management. ING DIRECT is donating the two part series to schools, teachers and parents in order to encourage financial education.

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