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First-Time $tartup

[ 2 ] Aug. 2, 2011 | SBO Editor

10 great part-time biz for the whole family to enjoy & build!

Looking for a biz the entire family can enjoy?  Here are 10 businesses the entire family can work on, build and grow!

Personalized Books: They make perfect gifts and everyone loves them. You tie-in with Best Personalized Books who sells you the software you need to create books that feature the child’s name, their friends, hometown, age, etc. Best has been around for decades and offers Batman, Garfield, Little Mermaid, Sesame Street and many more titles. Visit www.bestpersonalizedbooks.com or call 800/275-7770.

Sand Art: You can make $10,000 a month on a part-time basis say the folks at Sand Art Business. You can start for around $50 and sell your products at camps, birthday parties, flea markets, fairs, etc. You get a complete ‘business in a box’ kit. Visit www.sandartbusiness.com or call 855/811-SAND (7263).

Sell On Etsy: If you and your family love to create craft-jewelry items, then set up a free account on Etsy.com and start selling your products to a global marketplace. Check out Tim Adam’s book “How To Make Money Using Etsy,” Wiley, $19.95.

Create Badges & Buttons: You can a button, magnets and badge-making kit from Badge-A-Minit for about $30 and start creating products to sell to sports teams, community groups, schools, etc. Visit www.badgeaminit.com or call 800/223-4103.

Kettle Corn: Everyone loves it and you can sell it in your community or travel to fairs, flea markets and parade settings. Tie in with Concessions Manufacturing Co., Inc. who will show you how to get started. Many Kettle Corn sellers make $400 an hour says the company. Visit www.kettlepopcorn.net or call 918/786-5100 or 888-POPCORN.

Personalized Products: People love to see their names on a wide variety of products. Someone is going to be selling to this large market, why not you?

Personal Touch Products can get you started for as little as $249. You’ll sell clocks, coat of arms, poetry gifts, bible verse gifts and more. Visit www.personaltouchproducts.com/bizopp or call 909/596-1166. CASI can also help you start a personalized products biz the whole family will enjoy. You’ll put names, etc., on mugs, hats, candles and younameit. Visit www.CASIQLT.com or call 800/842-5580 o 914/668-2100 for more information.

Italian Ice Sales: Little Jimmy’s can help you start a business selling Italian ice from your own cart! Who doesn’t love it on a hot summer day? The cart fits in most vans or SUV’s, too and requires no electricity. Sell wherever people gather! Visit  www.Italianice.net or call 800/763-4348.  There is no experience required to start this fun business.

Bottle Your Own: If people tell you that your sauce/meatballs/dressing/etc. is delicious then you might want to consider bottling your own recipe. You will need to create a special label of ingredients and get a bar code so that you can offer your items in shops. Go online and google the basic startup procedures. You will also need to get a food handler’s license in some states. Call the Country Clerk’s office to see if you need it. It is a simple test. If you believe in your product and get great feedback, go for it!

Mail Order/eBay sales: Anyone can make money selling on eBay or through mail order; you just need to find the perfect product to sell. Kaiser & Blair can help you find products to sell on a part-time or full-time basis. Visit www.kaeser-blair.com to learn more or call 800/642-0790. Their startup cost is $85. SMC is another source for products. They’ve been in business for more than 60 years. Check it out at www.smchomebiz.com or call 800/960-7079 for info.

Sports Biz: If your family loves sports consider starting a business providing sporting equipment and clothing products, hats, uniforms, bags, etc. to local teams, customers, businesses and others who need the products. Pro Star Athletics can help you get started. Visit www.ProStarAthletics.net or call 866/390-7732. SportsLife Enterprises can also help you launch your own sports biz. They offer screen-printing, custom uniforms, embroidery, promotional items, and more. Visit www.sportslife.com or call 800/909-5433.


• Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Figure out how you can turn your hobby or passion into profit.

• To start your own business, survey your market an make sure there isn’t too much competition for the business you have in mind.

• Visit sites such as www.sba.gov/ for startup materials and info and our site, www.sbomag.com that contains valuable resources.

• Make a plan. You can tweak it later, but know what you want and where you are going.

• Pick a name you love. Call the County Clerk’s office to see if you need a license to operate from home.

• Open a business bank account.

• Get an email address and book your .com even if you just create a Home Page.

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