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HAPPY SUMMER: Americans Are Staying Home & Building Pools

[ 0 ] Aug. 5, 2011 | SBO Editor

If you have a business that caters to the American love of their own backyard, take heart. Americans are staying home and making their homes their castles. One way they are doing so, is by building more above ground pools. Pc Pools, one of America’s leading direct marketers of above ground pools and pool supplies for residential and commercial pool owners is pleased to announce a 20% increase in pool sales in 2011. The above ground pool industry has stayed at a marginal growth rate for several years. In 2011, however, the demand for above ground pools increased nearly 20% compared to 2010. The increase in demand proved highly beneficial for Pc Pools, as sales increased 25% for its above ground pools.

Marketing Director Ted Robinson had this to say, “Demand is clearly on the upswing in the above ground pool market. As gas prices increase, more homeowners realize that having a pool in their backyard proves cheaper than taking a yearly family vacation or driving to a family cabin every weekend. Rather than spending thousands of dollars taking expensive short trips or hundreds of thousands on a vacation home, more and more families are bringing the ‘staycation’ to their backyard. In addition, due to the cost savings of an above ground swimming pool versus an in ground swimming pool makes the decision economically easier also. Surprisingly, the cost of an above ground pool is about the same or slightly less than a week long vacation for a family of four. An above ground pool is a great way to provide a terrific family activity at a more affordable price than most in ground swimming pools.” Given the increase in quality of the above ground pool market, continued high gasoline prices and the rise in vacation home prices, Robinson expects the staycation trend to continue for the several years.

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