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[ 0 ] Jul. 5, 2011 | SBO Editor

A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a 2D barcode that can store more than 4,000 alphanumeric characters in a limited space. When you compare that to a traditional linear (1D) barcode, it’s easy to see the advantage – more information, in less space. These barcodes were originally developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. They were intended for use in the auto manufacturing industry, but QR codes have been gaining traction in advertising, marketing and networking. QR codes can be used to link directly to a URL, including social media properties or custom landing pages, and can also store text information like mailing addresses. QR codes are a great way to bridge the gap between the traditional world of offline marketing, and the online world, where you can captivate your viewers with dynamic, engaging content.

QR codes can be read by anyone with a smart phone and a barcode scanner app, or a barcode scanner with 2D capabilities.


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