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[ 0 ] Jul. 18, 2011 | SBO Editor

Comedian Marla Schultz www.marlaschultz.com turned a mishap in a ladies room into a business opportunity—one she hopes will prove beneficial not only to her and her partners — but also to millions of women who can now be liberated from schlepping large handbags — thanks to her bra pocket invention, The Racktrap.™

Schultz, a professional comic, was performing at Caroline’s in NY when opportunity struck.  After finishing her set, she shoved her essentials—cash, credit cards, money and ID —into her bra and hit the bathroom. As she bent forward, gravity took over and everything fell into the toilet!  The next day she called her business associates, Jackie Saril and Karen Hertz at Squeakywheel Promotions, to recap her tale of bathroom woes.  After the story, Saril exclaimed, “Marla… you need a bra pocket!” Hertz agreed, and they knew they were onto something big.

Using their combined sales, marketing and public relations skills, they created The Racktrap, an undetectable one-size-fits-all bra pocket that holds everyday essentials including license, cash and credit cards conveniently in a woman’s bra and brought it to market in an innovative bid to free women from their handbags!  If you build it, they will come! Do you have idea for a new product?

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