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WIN Your Own Business From STARSCAPES

[ 42 ] Jun. 20, 2011 | SBO Editor

Last Great Chance To “Become Independent on Independence Day” Promotion! From

STARSCAPES is the amazing system that transforms any room into a beautiful night sky of stars. You can win your own business opportunity package by signing up at their website.

According to the company, “We’ll be giving away two of the STARSCAPES StarBiz Programs!”

Drawing will be in three weeks, July 2nd, details for those who sign up at STARSCAPES.COM.

This will be the internet’s only LIVE WEB EVENT $13,000 GIVEAWAY!  LIVE on July 2nd!

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  • http://www.starscapes.com muhammed fatai bolaji

    For the past four years, since 2007 I’ve been trying to order for starBiz
    But I can’t be able to order for it just because there is
    Fund to order for it.
    If I can win the starBiz I will be very happy.

  • http://IwouldliketowinaSTARSCAPESbusinessofmyown. linwood tyner

    I would like to win a STARSCAPES business of my own. I am a SANTA CLAUS lookalike and I love to do charity work as SANTA and I do a lot. I also do SANTA as a business at Christmas and am appreciated by all. I am retired and in good health. Winning a STARSCAPES business would be the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.
    804-512-4840 (c)
    804-778-7705 (o)

  • http://alturlgeq9c Denny Skinnell

    If you are looking for a place to make money without spending money, my website is the place to go. The most affordable, no cost, money making site on the Internet.

    • Colleen Odom

      i have spent my life hellping other and now i need a little help, not a handout. just help to get on the right road, thank you.

    • Mapaseka Melane

      I’ll be in the ams of the universe if I can win this as i’ll be th efirst one in South Africa.

  • melvin thompson

    thank you for let ting me to enter the contest

  • Tom Wyler

    We have been devastated economically by first medical then job loss. I have searched for an opportunity for a business of my own and I believe
    Starscapes is the answer. I purchased the sample
    package and the portal is just awesome!
    This would truly be a Godsend.
    Thank you

  • Danilo Pozon

    For 2 years now my dream is to own a Starscapes business and i kept on wishing and now I believe the time has come for me to own one. Then my life’s dream of free of debts would come to an end.

  • Nancy Laino

    Winning a Starscapes business of my own would be the answer to a prayer. Not only would it mean that I could support my family, but I could also give back to my community in a meaningful way that I could be proud of. I continue to reach for the stars!

  • http://don'thaveone Ruben Ortiz

    I would love to win starscapes business for my own, I have been unemployed for the past 8 months and can not find a job or been able to buy starscapes either, have a 4 yr old daughter and have been babysitting but I know that starscapes it could be a spectacular business for me or anyone who wins. wish me good luck cause I wish the best to the winner. and the best to you JOE creator of STARSCAPES!!!

  • jonathan jones

    I’m new to this product I ordered the first pkg. although I’ve seen the ad for sometime, I just started to feel that it was something people would want especially now. I’m excited about it and look forward to seeing it with my own eyes. to win it would be a great boost in getting started.

  • http://investinwireless.com Wafiq

    If it is affordable, people will pay.

  • Kim Kennedy

    My first exposure to Starscapes was around 2005. I have always wanted a Starscapes business but have not been able to afford it. I am partially disabled from the healthcare field but feel I could do Starscapes. I think it is a wonderful product and would really love to win one of the prizes as I feel it would be a life changing venture. I have tried several times before to win with no luck. Maybe this time will be different.
    Thanks Starscapes.

  • Valerie Morgan

    I have entered a couple of times. My family is scraping by..it stinks! we couldnt even go food shopping this week because the mortgage was due. This could be my ticket to helping my family get back where we should be. I dont want to lose my house, but i have to eat too. I tried getting a grant, no luck,and i tried asking for people to invest..yeah right. I live in RI. no chance. Please, i need to win this! please use ur lucky hand and pull my name!!

  • Lillian Snoke

    It would be a sign from heaven, and a blessing, if I won my own starscapes business. My teenage son could do this with me, and we’d both make money. Thank you and God Bless!

  • http://starshippegasus.com Andrew Voyer

    I would love to enter the business it is closely related to most of what I love to do. I love technology, science, science fiction and tutoring. I also like to camp, sleeping under the stars everyday is a great concept. I am also involved with a spaceship building which I think will help market Starscapes and vice versa.

  • Grace Rabon

    hi, i really need a way to make extra money,i was married for 21 years and this past october then husband found someone else committed adultry, lived with her from January till now we got divorced in april, he married her june 4th, i really need a way for me and my boys to make money for bills, food and clothes, i do work but it is not enough for nessecities. would really love to win this package so my boys and i can start over, they are aaron and isaac. thank you and God Bless!!

  • Marlene baker

    I have been interested in this business for a very long time. I lost my job a few years ago now I am a stay at home grandmother. I would love nothing more than to win this business so I can afford to have a bigger place for all my grandchildren. Best of luck to everyone that enters

  • Laticia Taylor

    I have known about this business opportunity for the past couple of years and am praying that this year is my year. Star Scapes is a genius to give people peace and happiness as a business that you can share with family and a business that can bring all walks of life pure bliss, joy and amazement. I felt last year was my year but obviously it wasn’t my time but with my passion for nature and giving back this year to so many instead of being sorry for myself, I feel this year I can do so much more if this opportunity will enter my heart and home.

  • Mike Fox

    What time will the drawing be?

  • Doug Brown

    To win this would be great, my wife got laid off after 20 years with this company and only 2 weeks severence pay, she got unemployment and it ran out and job offers are not coming fast and furious at our age so this would be a God send.

  • Martin

    Great opportunity!!!!!!. Thanks.

  • Kay Tanner

    I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been wanting Starscapes for 6 years now..I’ve never waivered from ‘that dream” but always seemed to think we’d get some extra money somehow or perhaps even WIN my own business. I’m ready and think it could make a positive impact in so many lives as well as give me contentment for making people ‘happy’.

  • http://www.debtconsolidationreviewsmall.blogspot.com/ JOHNSON ONWUKA

    I will really like to say BIG thanks to STARSCAPES, i think this is a wonderful opportunity, and it will brighten the image of this company.

    Big thanks once again

  • http://www.newlightcraft.co.uk Barrie Ward

    I am a one man business and I would love to introduce this product in the UK.

  • Graham Cheadle

    Hi there, I live in the United Kingdom and I have been trying to win Joe’s Starscapes package for the past five years without sucess, maybe this time the U.K will have a lucky winner as I believe no-one has yet won one of Joe’s packages over here……

    All he best to you and your Good lady Joe,

    Graham Cheadle


    Be a great opportunity to become financially free,

  • charles

    i would like to own a starbiz business

  • betty croft

    Be a great opportunity to become financially free, this is sad story .. i know it happens in life .. my mother&my sister passed away in yr 2010 . my mother had liitle insurance for funeral.. i exhausted every thing i owened to pay the cost now its left me penniless ..iam 67 yrs old i pray that i could win starscapes .. i need to win this b4 i go homeless i barley making it each month with bills to pay etc tks for letting write to joseph .. betty croft

  • Gilbert

    Hi, I would love to start starscape biz. Im being a father in august, Im having a boy, I would love to win the biz so i could do one for my son. It would be a great gift. I have been searching for a biz for 10 years and tryed so many home biz. Hope i will win this for my son. Thank you and good luck everyone…

  • sharon morgan

    i would love to win your starscape!!!!! I would go to places where children needed it the most and make theirlife better!!!!It is something they can tell their kids about!!!!bless you and your company for giving me a chanceto register. sharon

  • Dave Walsh

    Hi Joe, Starscapes would be the ideal businees for my son amd I. Our son just has two major and sucessful surgeries to remove a tumor on his brain. His positive attitutude has been an inspiration to all of us. I believe he had over 500 well wishers on facebook alone. We would love to win, however we will get our Starscapes up and running within the next month or so, no matter what obstacles we have to covercome. Thanks & have agreat day.
    Kindest regards ,
    Dave Walsh

  • David Hulse

    ‘Help the Heroes’ is a United Kingdom charity which gives much needed support to our men and women who have served in the armed forces in places like Iraq and Afghanistan etc and suffered crippling injuries.

    If I were lucky enough to win one of the STARSCAPES StarBiz Programs, I would donate the profits from every other job to this great cause.

    As an ex-serviceman myself I would be proud to be associated with both Starscapes and ‘Help the Heroes’

  • landers

    If I can win the starBiz I will be very happy.My first exposure to Starscapes was around 2007. I have always wanted a Starscapes business but have not been able to afford it.I’ve been wanting Starscapes for 4 years now..I’ve never waivered from ‘that dream” just like other Starscapes lovs

  • Joey

    To win our own Starscapes Biz would be the greatest gift to my family. In late 2009 I worked for a business that decided to close it’s doors after 76 years. Since then we have been on a downward spiral. Starscapes would give us the opportunity to work together as a family to achieve financial freedom. Thanks Joe for the chance make a difference in others lives. Good Luck to everyone !!!

  • Quincy Jackson

    Heaven knows that this is my dream business I knew about this business two years ago,Ihave been planing and dreaming how to start this beautiful business but all in vain I pray that this yr unfaillingly God in his mercy will grant my heart desire and give me the ability to start

  • wayne Klayman

    wow…very depressing reading many of these comments ~ people on hard times…desperate for an answer…hoping they will win this contest. I’m in the same predicament but after reading so many others, I’ll keep it to myself…too bad this wasn’t a bit more affordable.

  • Deborah Moore

    Just became guardian for my brothers’ child. Owning my own buisness would give some financial security which will enable me to give the child the kind of life she deserves.

  • lina haque

    boy o boy!..I really really hope im the WINNER cuz if i win il b d 1st human from the lonely planet to bring the STARS from Arizona..heh heh heh

  • Richard Gowens

    Would be great way to help put my grandaughter thru college. Have been looking at the program for a couple of years just can’t afford the investment it takes to start a new business.

  • Anita

    It would be nice if there were more information about how the sweepstakes will be run. I am already on the email list and it says go to page 2 and I went there and re-signed up, but no details. Will it be like all the previous sweeps? what exact time on the 2nd will it start? Is there a direct link for the site? I’m really wanting to do this right, hope to have a chance.

  • Rick Green


    To say the Least I am really disappointed in the drawing on July 7th. You stated you would draw names Until a winner was picked.
    So you picked a name at 6:00 your time, and 18 minutes later 6:18 you picked another name. 20 minutes later 6:40 you picked another name. So at 6:50 your time I went to refill my coffee cup ( which you said relax set back with a cup of coffee) ( Your words Joe) got back to my computer and refreshed my screen and to my amazement the screnn said be the next caller with in 5 minutes or I will pick another name (was not in the rules you set). I picked up my phone to call (Who wouldn’t) punched in the number and refreshed the screen to make sure I was right in what i was seeing and BEHOLD a Name appeared as the winner. How DEPRESSING for ME Since I looked forward to a drawing to be made not the luck of a dial tone. My regret is that the rules CHANGED in the middle of the game and I was Not aware the rules would change. It was really depressing.

    I am happy for the winners Guess they dial faster than me.

    Surley disappointed and depressed.

    Thanks Joe maybe next time if I can see the crystal ball as to what the rules will be…