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Be Your Own Boss

[ 2 ] Jun. 29, 2011 | SBO Editor

75 hot franchises for you to consider.  Be in business for yourself, not by yourself!

Franchise businesses are poised for stronger growth in 2011, according to a report prepared for the International Franchise Association Educational Foundation by PwC*. As the economy recovers from the “Great Recession,” the 2011 Franchise Business Economic Outlook forecasts a rebound in the number of establishments, jobs and economic output in the franchise industry.

The 2011 Outlook estimates that the number of franchise establishments will grow 2.5 percent in 2011 from an estimated 765,723 to 784,802—an increase of 19,079 new establishments. The number of direct jobs is projected to grow 2.5 percent from an estimated 7,614,000 to 7,808,000, creating 194,000 new jobs. Economic output—the gross value of goods and services a business produces—is projected to grow 4.7 percent or $33.3 billion from an estimated $706.6 billion to $739.9 billion.

“The forecast of stronger growth in 2011 for franchise businesses is good news for our country. When franchise businesses are stronger, so is our economy as a whole,” said IFA President and CEO Stephen J. Caldeira. “However, while the forecast reflects a stronger outlook for the franchise industry and the overall economy, franchise businesses will continue to struggle with accessing sufficient credit that would enable business expansion and job growth.”

The 2011 Outlook reflects a new base year (2007), the latest year for which comprehensive estimates of franchise business activity are available. The baseline data was drawn from the first ever U.S. Census Bureau’s 2007 Economic Census Franchise Report, which contains information on franchise and non-franchise establishments, sales, employment and payroll in selected industries for businesses with paid employees. For the 2011 Outlook, PwC supplemented these data with estimates of franchise activities in additional industries and in businesses without paid employees (primarily self-employed individuals operating small, unincorporated businesses). Estimates of franchising activity in the 2011 report supersede previous editions.

“The U.S. economy is expected to experience stronger growth in 2011. The Franchise Business Economic Outlook for 2011 anticipates economy-wide real gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 3.0 percent, while economy-wide employment is projected to expand by 2.4 million jobs in 2011,” said Drew Lyon, principal in PwC’s National Economics & Statistics practice. “With improving economic factors predicted for 2011, including increasing consumer spending, we expect that franchise businesses will expand at their fastest rate since 2007.”

Different Effects on Franchise Business Sectors: The accelerating economic recovery expected in 2011 is projected to have different effects on growth in the number of establishments, employment and output within the 10 business format franchise business lines reviewed in the Outlook.

Establishments: With the exception of Business Services, the number of establishments in each business format franchise line is estimated to increase in 2011. The largest gains are expected in Lodging (4.4 percent), Automotive (3.9 percent) and Retail Products and Services (3.9 percent).

Employment: All franchise business lines except for Business Services are projected to experience employment growth in 2011, ranging from 1.1 percent to 4.4 percent, with the largest increases occurring in Lodging (4.4 percent), Automotive (3.9 percent) and Retail Products and Services (3.9 percent). The Business Services line is projected to experience a modest decline in employment of 0.2 percent in 2011.

Output: Output is forecast to increase in all 10 franchise lines of business in 2011. The three franchise business lines projected to see the largest percentage increases are Automotive (7.2 percent), Commercial and Residential Services (6.9 percent), and Personal Services (6.5 percent).

Franchise Business Leaders Optimistic for 2011, Access to Credit Remains Top Concern

The report’s overall forecast aligns with the results of a new IFA Franchise Business Leader Survey, conducted in November 2010. Franchise business leaders are optimistic about how the U.S economy will perform in the next 12 months.  According to the survey, one-half of franchisors say the outlook for the U.S. economy will be “better” in 2011, but 47 percent say it will be “about the same,” and only 3 percent say it will be “worse.” More than 40 percent of franchisees surveyed say the U.S. economy will be “better” in 2011, one-half say the economy will be “about the same,” and 7 percent say the economy will be “worse.”

Both franchisors and franchisees say the tight credit market has severely limited their ability to expand their business. Nearly one-third of franchisors report that more than one-half of their franchise prospects and current franchisees were unable to get financing in the past 12 months. Only 8 percent say that their prospects and franchisees have had “no problems with financing.”

Two-thirds of franchisors report that they have seen “no improvement in credit access in recent months.” Forty-two percent of franchisors report that lack of credit has “significantly impacted their ability to expand,” 45 percent say it has “moderately impacted their ability to expand” and only 12 percent say it has had “no impact.” Fifty-five percent of franchisees report that the lack of credit has had a “significant” or “moderate” impact on their ability to expand their business.

“We believe that lending to franchise businesses in 2010 was down 40 to 50 percent,” said Caldeira. “For 2011, the credit gap between supply and demand should show some improvement, but we are a long way off from the pre-recession, more robust appetite for business investment and lending.”

Caldeira said that an updated small business lending analysis of the lending environment for franchise businesses will be released in spring 2011 in conjunction with an IFA sponsored Franchise Business Lending Summit. The Summit will bring together franchise business leaders, lenders and government officials to identify solutions to improve capital flow to small businesses and to stimulate business growth and job creation. A copy of the 2011 Outlook and the Franchise Business Leader Survey can be viewed here.

In addition, Caldeira said that while the recently enacted tax and unemployment benefit package including extension of the current tax rates for two years contributed to the stronger outlook for 2011, IFA urges the new Congress to implement a pro-growth agenda to help small businesses grow.

“It is widely acknowledged that small businesses, including locally owned franchise businesses, contribute greatly to job creation in the U.S.,” said Caldeira. “To keep the recovery going, we urge the new Congress and the Obama Administration to adopt policies that help, not hamper businesses’ ability to grow and expand, including making the current tax rates permanent and addressing provisions in the new health care law that are onerous, costly and potentially devastating to the franchising community.”

Before investing in a particular franchise system, carefully consider how much money you have to invest, your abilities, and your goals. The following checklist may help you make your decision.

Your Investment

• How much money do you have to invest?

• How much money can you afford to lose?

• Will you purchase the franchise by yourself or with partners?

• Will you need financing and, if so, where can you obtain it?

• Do you have a favorable credit rating?

• Do you have savings or additional income to live on while starting your franchise?

Your Abilities

• Does the franchise require technical experience or relevant education, such as auto repair, home and office decorating, or tax preparation?

• What skills do you have? Do you have computer, bookkeeping, or other technical skills?

• What specialized knowledge or talents can you bring to a business?

Your Goals

• What are your goals?

• Are you interested in retail sales or performing a service?

• Do you want to operate the business yourself or hire a manager?

• How many hours are you willing to work?

• Will franchise ownership be your primary source of income or will it supplement your current income?

• Would you be happy operating the business for the next 20 years?

Selecting a Franchise: Like any other investment, purchasing a franchise is a risk. When selecting a franchise, carefully consider a number of factors, such as the demand for the products or services, likely competition, the franchisor’s background, and the level of support you will receive.

Demand: Is there a demand for the franchisor’s products or services in your community? Is the demand seasonal? For example, lawn and garden care or swimming pool maintenance may be profitable only in the spring or summer. Is there likely to be a continuing demand for the products or services in the future?

Competition: What is the level of competition, nationally and in your community? How many franchised and company-owned outlets does the franchisor have in your area? How many competing companies sell the same or similar products or services?

Your Ability to Operate the Business: Sometimes, franchise systems fail. Will you be able to operate your outlet even if the franchisor goes out of business? Will you need the franchisor’s ongoing training, advertising, or other assistance to succeed? Will you have access to the same or other suppliers? Could you conduct the business alone if you must lay off personnel to cut costs?

Name Recognition: A primary reason for purchasing a franchise is the right to associate with the company’s name. The more widely recognized the name, the more likely it will draw customers who know its products or services.

Training and Support Services: Another reason for purchasing a franchise is to obtain support from the franchisor. What training and ongoing support does the franchisor provide?

Franchisor’s Experience: Many franchisors operate well-established companies with years of experience both in selling goods or services and in managing a franchise system. Some franchisors started by operating their own business. There is no guarantee, however, that a successful entrepreneur can successfully manage a franchise system.

Carefully consider how long the franchisor has managed a franchise system. Do you feel comfortable with the franchisor’s expertise? If franchisors have little experience in managing a chain of franchises, their promises of guidance, training, and other support may be unreliable.

Growth: A growing franchise system increases the franchisor’s name recognition and may enable you to attract customers. Growth alone does not ensure successful franchisees; a company that grows too quickly may not be able to support its franchisees with all the promised support services. Make sure the franchisor has sufficient financial assets and staff to support the franchisees.

Shopping at a Franchise Exposition: Attending a franchise exposition allows you to view and compare a variety of franchise possibilities. Keep in mind that exhibitors at the exposition primarily want to sell their franchise systems. Be cautious of salespersons that are interested in selling a franchise that you are not interested in.

Before you attend, research what type of franchise best suits your investment limitations, experience, and goals. When you attend, comparison shop for the opportunity that best suits your needs and ask questions.

Know How Much You Can Invest: An exhibitor may tell you how much you can afford to invest or that you can’t afford to pass up this opportunity. Before beginning to explore investment options, consider the amount you feel comfortable investing and the maximum amount you can afford.

Know What Type of Business is Right for You: An exhibitor may attempt to convince you that an opportunity is perfect for you. Only you can make that determination. Consider the industry that interests you before selecting a specific franchise system. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Have you considered working in that industry before?

• Can you see yourself engaged in that line of work for the next twenty years?

Do you have the necessary background or skills? If the industry does not appeal to you or you are not suited to work in that industry, do not allow an exhibitor to convince you otherwise. Spend your time focusing on those industries that offer a more realistic opportunity.

Comparison Shop: Visit several franchise exhibitors engaged in the type of industry that appeals to you. Listen to the exhibitors’ presentations and discussions with other interested consumers. Get answers to the following questions:

• How long has the franchisor been in biz?

• How many franchised outlets currently exist? Where are they located?

• How much is the initial franchise fee and any additional startup costs? Are there any continuing royalty payments? How much?

• What management, technical, and ongoing assistance does the franchisor offer?

• What controls does the franchisor impose?

Exhibitors may offer you prizes, free samples, or free dinners if you attend a promotional meeting later that day or over the next week to discuss the franchise in greater detail. Do not feel compelled to attend. Rather, consider these meetings as one way to acquire more information and to ask additional questions. Be prepared to walk away from any promotion if the franchise does not suit your needs.

Get Substantiation for Any Earnings Representations: Some franchisors may tell you how much you can earn if you invest in their franchise system or how current franchisees in their system are performing. Be careful. The FTC requires that franchisors that make such claims provide you with written substantiation. This is explained in more detail in the section “Investigating Franchise Offers.” Make sure you ask for and obtain written substantiation for any income projections, or income or profit claims.

Take Notes: It may be difficult to remember each franchise exhibit. Bring a pad and pen to take notes. Get promotional literature that you can review. Take the exhibitors’ business cards so you can contact them later with any additional questions.

Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics: You may be told that the franchisor’s offering is limited, that there is only one territory left, or that this is a one-time reduced franchise sales price. Do not feel pressured to make any commitment. Legitimate franchisors expect you to comparison shop and to investigate their offering. A good deal today should be available tomorrow.

Study the Franchisor’s Offering: Do not sign any contract or make any payment until you have the opportunity to investigate the franchisor’s offering thoroughly. As will be explained further in the next section, the FTC’s Franchise Rule requires the franchisor to provide you with a disclosure document containing important information about the franchise system. Study the disclosure document. Take time to speak with current and former franchisees about their experiences. Because investing in a franchise can entail a significant investment, you should have an attorney review the disclosure document and franchise contract and have an accountant review the company’s financial disclosures.

Investigating Franchise Offerings: Before investing in any franchise system, be sure to get a copy of the franchisor’s disclosure document. Sometimes this document is called a Franchise Offering Circular. Under the FTC’s Franchise Rule, you must receive the document at least 10 business days before you are asked to sign any contract or pay any money to the franchisor. You should read the entire disclosure document. Make sure you understand all of the provisions. The following outline will help you to understand key provisions of typical disclosure documents. It also will help you ask questions about the disclosures. Get a clarification or answer to your concerns before you invest.

Business Background: The disclosure document identifies the executives of the franchise system and describes their prior experience. Consider not only their general business background, but their experience in managing a franchise system. Also consider how long they have been with the company. Investing with an inexperienced franchisor may be riskier than investing with an experienced one.

Litigation History: The disclosure document helps you assess the background of the franchisor and its executives by requiring the disclosure of prior litigation. The disclosure document tells you if the franchisor, or any of its executive officers, has been convicted of felonies involving, for example, fraud, any violation of franchise law or unfair or deceptive practices law, or are subject to any state or federal injunctions involving similar misconduct. It also will tell you if the franchisor, or any of its executives, has been held liable or settled a civil action involving the franchise relationship. A number of claims against the franchisor may indicate that it has not performed according to its agreements, or, at the very least, that franchisees have been dissatisfied with the franchisor’s performance. Be aware that some franchisors may try to conceal an executive’s litigation history by removing the individual’s name from their disclosure documents.

75 Franchises
To Consider Now

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

Alamo provides a unique combination of theater and restaurant, showing both first-run and independent films.

www.alamodrafthouse.com 512-219-7800

$$$: $1,250,000 – $2,785,000

All Tune And Lube

Total car care.



$$$: $11k startup cash is required.

Total investment: is $150k

Alta Mere Toys For Your Car!

Complete auto aftermarket line of accessories including security, video, GPS, and paint protection.

www.altamere.com 800-581-8468/708-389-5922

$$$: $50k-$60k.

Total investment: ranges from  $131,482-$164,382

American Ramp Systems

Low priced ramps for disability access to enable the aging and disabled population to remain in their homes.



$$$: $75k startup cash;

Total investment: $200k

Aussie Pet Mobile

Mobile pet grooming service.



$$$: $35k-$75k startup cash;

Total investment: $63,437-$124,687


An independent profit control and revenue
enhancement service for bars and restaurants.

www.bevinco.com 888-238-4626

$$$: $46,900 – $50,900


Indoor private events facility.

www.bounceu.com 866-632-6370/480-632-6370

$$$: $75k-$125k startup cash

Total investment: $126,647-$624,896

Budget Blinds

Window coverings.



$$$: $55k-$150k startup;

Total investment: $79,240-$153,070


Retail frozen dessert store.

www.carvel.com 800-CARVEL-F/404-255-3250

$$$: Total investment range is $230,624-$390,124

CertaPro Painters

The largest commercial and residential painting
company in North America.

www.certapro.com 800-462-3782

$$$: $129,000 – $154,000

Chem Dry

Carpet cleaning with patented Hot Carbonating Extraction system.



$$$: $11,950-$40,750 startup;

Total investment: ranges from $27,950-$250k

Christmas Décor, Inc.

Professional holiday, landscaping service.



$$$: The total investment ranges from $11k-$50k

Coffee News

Weekly publication run from home.

www.coffeenewsusa.com 207-941-0860

$$$: Contact the franchisor for details.

ComForcare Senior Services

A premier franchised provider of private-duty,
non-medical home care.

www.ComForcare.com 800-886-4044

$$$: $67,500 – $87,500

Comfort Keepers

An international franchise concept that provides in-home care for seniors, new mothers or other adults needing assistance.

jimbooth@comfortkeepers.com    800-387-2415

$$$: $56,000 – $79,700

Computer Explorers

Turnkey, biz-to-biz computer tech education
programs to public and private schools, daycare centers & more covering all phases.



$$$: $35k-$49,500 startup.

Total investment: $62,925-$73,250

Contours Express

Fitness Center designed for women 0that uses
medically-recommended weight-bearing equipment.



Total investment required ranges from $34k to $49k

Cost Cutters

Family Hair Care Value priced, quality hair
services and products for the family.

www.costcutters.com 888-888-7008

$$$: $76k-$184,800 startup cash required.

Coverall Cleaning Concepts

Commercial cleaning service.



$$$: $3950 to $27,200 startup.

Total investment: $10,750-$32,200

Crack Team (The)

Foundation repair specializing in the use of

www.thecrackteam.com 866-CRACK TEAM

$$$: The total investment is $38,600 to $69,100

Creative Colors International

Repair and reconditioning of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting in the automotive and
commercial markets.



$$$: Startup ranges from $19,500 to $27,500;

Total investment: $37,500-$71,400

Cruise One, Inc.

Cruise-only travel enterprise.



$$$: $9,800 startup.


Thirty-minute fitness and weight loss centers for women.



$$$: Total investment required ranges from $36,425 to $42,850

DirectBuild Franchising LLC

Consulting programs to clients that enable them to build or remodel a home without using a contractor.

www.directbuildusa.com 877-805-9294

$$$: $72,900-$167,750

Dollar Discount

Dollar stores.



$$$: Startup is $20k-$30k

Total investment required ranges from $99k to $195k

Dr. Vinyl & Associates, Ltd.

Vinyl repair and conditioning, plus leather,
plastic and windshield repair.


$$$: Startup ranges from $15k-$20k;

Total investment: $44k to $69,500

DreaMmaker Bath & Kitchen

Bath and kitchen remodeling.



$$$: $87,500-$314,500 startup;

Total investment: is $112k-$339k

Driveway Impressions

Decorative and architectural features.



$$$: $50k-$65k startup;

Total investment: $150k-$205k

Dunkin Donuts

Coffee and baked goods.

www.dunkinfranchising.com 877-9-DUNKIN

$$$: $240,100-$1.667 million total
investment required.

Edible Arrangements

Fresh fruit bouquets.



$$$: $50k startup cash;

Total investment: $150,950-$291,200

EduFit Franchise, Inc.

A franchised fitness concept providing convenient, appointment-based personal training services at
reasonable prices.

http://edufit.com/ 888-433-8348

$$$: $164,500 – $281,000


One-stop shop for custom embroidery, screen
printing, promotional products, personalized gifts
and other items.

www.embroidme.com 800-727-6720/561-640-5570

$$$: Startup ranges from $43k-to $48k;

Total investment ranges from $179k-$185k

Express Employment Professionals

A sales business focused on the desire to help businesses and job seekers through temporary staffing, professional search and HR solutions.

www.expresspros.com 877-652-6400

$$$: $153,750 – $241,500

Express Oil Change, LLC

A leader in the quick-lube and auto service industry.

www.expressoil.com 888-945-1771

$$$: $300,000 – $350,000

Fantastic Sams Hair Salon

Full-service hair salon for entire family.



$$$: $50k-$75k startup.

Total investment: $125k-$231k

Flip Flop Shops

The Sunglass Hut of Flip Flop Shops

www.flipflopshops.com 770-424-0027

$$$: $25k startup cash.

Total investment: $167,300-$245,500

Floor Coverings International

Floor Coverings International is a mobile,
shop-at-home floor-covering retailer.



$$$: $150k startup.

Future Stars Sports Photography

Sports photos and school pictures.



$$$: $19,500-39k startup.

Total investment: $19,500-$45k

Geeks On Call

On-site computer solutions for businesses and
residential clients.



$$$: $60k-$121k startup.

Total investment: $60k-$180k

Glass Doctor

Glass replacement for homes, businesses and autos.



$$$: $75k startup.

Total investment: $109,681-$261,681


Lessons and instructions.

www.golftec.com 877-446-5383/303-779-9900

$$$: $35,000 startup cash.

Total investment. $111,475-$427,675

Grout Doctor

Maintenance and repair of grout.



$$$: Total investment ranges from $19,280-$34,075

Growth Coach (The)

Small business coaching, goal-setting franchise.



$$$: $7k-$33,900 startup.

Total investment: $38,200-$58,400

HobbyTown USA

World’s largest retail hobby franchise offering hobby, toy and entertainment products.

www.hobbytown.com 800-858-7370/402-434-5064

The total investment: $175,000 to $350,000

Home Helpers

Home-based non-medical & personal care for the elderly.

www.HomeHelpers.CC 800-216-4196/513-563-8339

$$$: $7k to $31,900 startup.

Total investment: $41,700 to $73,300

Home Instead Senior Care

Companionship and home care services for the elderly.

www.homeinstead.com 888-484-5759/402-498-4466

$$$: $39,050 to $52,050 total investment.

HomeTeam Inspection Service

The leading residential home inspection

service in North America.

www.hometeaminspection.com 513-831-1300

$$$: $58,000 – $71,500

House Doctors

A nationally franchised, professional handyman
service and a leading property repair, remodeling
and maintenance company in North America.

www.housedoctors.com 513-831-0100

$$$: $86,000 – $112,500

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems

Commercial cleaning.

www.jan-pro.com 866-355-1064/678-336-1780

$$$: $950-$36,500 startup required.

Total investment: $2800-$44k

Jani-King International, Inc.

World’s largest commercial cleaning franchise.

www.janiking.com 800-552-5264/972-991-0900

$$$: $2,000 to $70,300 startup.

Total investment: $8,170 to $74,000

Jet Black

Beautifies and maintains asphalt & concrete pavement.

www.jet-black.com 888-538-2525/952-890-8343

$$$: Total investment ranges from $35k -$100k

JumpBunch, Inc.

Preschool and school age sports and fitness programs held at day care centers and other venues.


$$$: The total investment required is $35,200 to $41,200


Diverse selection of quality merchandise

for just-a-buck.

www.just-a-buck.com 800-332-2229

$$$: Total investment ranges from $136,900 to $228,200.

Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Safe & healthy pet boarding.

www.kennelwood.com 877-447-4173/314-446-1013

$$$: $55k startup cash.

Total investment: $799,287-$1,059,499


Dance, gymnastics, motor skills for kids.


$$$: $12,000-$40,000 startup.

Total investment: $14,950-$46,100

Kindergolf PTE LTD

Children’s golf.

www.kindergolf.com 6583226168/ fax 6562421398

The company is based in Singapore.

$$$: visit the website for information.

Kitchen TuneUp

Residential and commercial remodeling business offering cabinet refacing, new cabinetry, tub lining
systems, closet organizers and more.



$$$: The total investment ranges from $83k-$90k

Lawn Doctor

Tree, shrub, lawn care services.



$$$: $60k-$74,900 startup.

Total investment: $89k-$99,900

Liberty Tax Service

Computerized tax preparation service that specializes in electronic filing and refund loans.



$$$: Total investment ranges from $35,350-$63,900

Liquid Capital Corp.

An international network of franchise owners or
“principals” who help small- and medium-size
businesses grow and succeed through factoring.

www.liquidcapitalcorp.com 877-228-0800

$$$: $50,000 – $130,000

LTS LeaderBoard Tournament Systems Ltd.

Uses cutting-edge proprietary software technology to transform the way charity, corporate and pro-am golf tournaments are scored and managed, making them more entertaining and profitable. Utilizing a unique scannable scorecard that makes it possible to computes 100 percent accurate tournament results in just minutes, LTS



$$$: Startup ranges from $18k -$71,100

MAACO Franchising, Inc.

“America’s body shop” with nearly 500 franchised locations across the continent boasting systemwide sales that approach $500 million.

www.maaco.com 800-275-5200

$$$: $385,000 – $472,000

McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Corporation Quick/casual restaurant chain featuring efficient counter ordering, attentive table service, high-quality deli-style foods (sandwiches, spuds, salads) and great price value.


888-855-DELI (3354)/601-952-1100

$$$: $400,000-$1,475,000 total investment.

McDonald’s Corporation

Quick service restaurant.

www.mcdonalds.com 630-623-6196

$$$: The total investment ranges
from $551,750-$1,791,000

Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc.

A full-service automotive maintenance and repair franchise specializing in brakes, maintenance
services and general repair.

www.meineke.com 800-275-5200

$$$: $182,000 – $427,000

Merry Maids

Maid service.

www.merrymaids.com 800-798-8000/901-597-8100

$$$: $21k-$29k startup.

Total investment: $26,350-$57,450

Mountain Mudd Espresso

Specialty coffee kiosk.



$$$: $66k-$203,500 total investment.

Nerd Force

Mobile computer and technology service.

www.nerdforce.com 800-979-NERD/718-370-6147

$$$: $30k-$54k total investment.

Nitelites Outdoor Lighting

Residential and commercial outdoor lighting.



$$$: $84k-$164,050 total investment.

Nutrilawn, Inc.

Lawn care service offering minimal or no pesticide treatments to primarily residential homeowners.

www.nutrilawn.com 800-396-6096/416-620-7100

$$$: $75k to $125k total investment required.

Oreck Franchise Services, LLC

Oreck Clean Home Center featuring innovative and quality products for home care.



$$$: $30k startup.

Total investment: $171,800-$230,500

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Residential and commercial architectural and landscape lighting and lighting control automation.

www.olpfranchise.com 877-898-8808/704-841-2666

$$$: total investment $77,500-$215,000

OXXO Care Centers

Boutique-style more eco-friendly dry cleaners.

www.oxxousa.com 866-GO2OXXO/954-921-6111

$$$: Total investment range $100,000-$1 million

Panchero’s Mexican Grill

A quick-service, fresh-Mexican franchise concept featuring homemade tortillas.

www.pancheros.com 319-545-6565

$$$: $305,175 – $629,000

Paws & Remember LLC

Pet memorialization and cremation.

email: rbinstock@pawsandremember.com


$$$: Contact the franchisor for information;

in biz since 1997, franchising since 2007.

Perma-Glaze, Inc.

Multi-surface restoration, specializing in the renewal of worn or damaged kitchen fixtures and bathrooms.

www.permaglaze.com 800-332-7397/520-722-9718

$$$: Startup $3,500 to $5,000

Total investment: ranges from $29,500 to $42,500

Pirtek USA

Pirtek is the world’s leading service provider of ETA 1 Hour On-Site Hose Replacement centers and a fleet of 1,500 mobile units

www.pirtekusa.com 888-774-7835/321-504-4422

$$$: $120k-$150k startup;

Total investment: $500k-$600k

Printwear Xpress Franchising Corp.

Personalized branded apparel.

www.printwearxpress.com 888-241-0337/303-771-7100

$$$: Startup $40k-$50k;

Total investment: $148k-$170k

Retrofitness, LLC

A chain of 1980s-themed fitness centers with
exciting and affordable workout environments
for all fitness enthusiasts.

www.retrofitness.net 800-738-7604

$$$: $638,900 – $1,452,000


A franchise concept that designs, builds and installs Glide-Out shelving systems

www.shelfgenie.com 877-434-3643

$$$: investment range is $70,100 to $125,500


World’s largest sign franchise.


$$$: $44k-$46k startup.

Total investment: $148k-$155K

Signs By Tomorrow

Visual communications consultant that utilizes state-of-the-art sign-making technology to offer a wide variety of customized sign products and services that provide creative and affordable solutions to businesses.

www.signsbytomorrow.com 800-765-7446

$$$: $19,000-$263k total investment.

Smoothie King

Smoothies, nutritional snacks, vitamins under one roof.



$$$: Total investment ranges from $148k -$229k

Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.

Delivers lawn and tree care services nationwide, to both residential and commercial customers.

www.springgreenfranchise.com 800-777-8608

$$$: $ 87,650 – $98,840

Steamatic, Inc.

Cleaning & disaster recovery services worldwide.

www.steamatic.com 800-544-1303/817-332-1575

$$$: Startup $25k-$80k

Total investment: required $55k-$150k.


Freshly made sub sandwiches and more.

www.subway.com 800-888-4848/203-877-4281

$$$: The total investment ranges
from $101,500-$195k.


Value hair salon owned by Regis Corporation.


888-888-7008/952-947-7900 Fax

$$$: Net worth of $300k and liquid capital of $100k required.

Sweet & Sassy

Children’s retail, spa and party.

www.sweetandsassy.com 817-756-6523

$$$: In business since 2004, franchising since 2005.

Contact company for details.

Tasti D-Lite

The world’s leading provider of great tasting, good-for-you frozen desserts.

www.tastidlite.com 615-550-3109

$$$: $253,700 – $431,410

TSS Photography, Inc.

Youth sports, school and event photography.



$$$: Startup range $15,500-$29,660.

Total investment: $38,750-$74,150

Value Place

An economy extended-stay lodging and short-term residential property brand.

www.valueplace.com 866-456-8737 $$$: $3,500,000 – $7,000,000

We The People

We The People is a franchised high-quality, affordable legal document preparation ervice for consumers who choose to represent themselves in simple, uncontested legal matters.

www.wethepeopleusa.com 866-429-2785 $$$: $123,200-$169,500

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

Largest retail franchise system specializing in backyard birdfeeding.

www.wbu.com 888-730-7108/317-571-7100 $$$: The total investment range is $98k-$154k

Young Chefs Academy

Cooking school for kids.

www.youngschefsacademy.com 254-751-1040 $$$: Total investment $89,350-$208k                     •

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