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[ 0 ] Apr. 18, 2011 | SBO Editor

Final population figures from the Census Bureau show that the number of Hispanics in the nation has reached 50 million, or one out of six people of the nation’s population. The final census count shows a Hispanic population of 50.4 million. Make sure you are incorporating this important market into your sales strategies.

Overall, Hispanic population growth outpaced expectations, increasing 43.7 percent, from 35.1 million in 2000 to 50.4 million today.

In terms of numbers, California has the largest Hispanic population. The census count showed that 37.6 percent of the state’s population, or 14 million people, were Hispanic. New Mexico has the greatest concentration of Hispanics, 46.3 percent of that state’s population.

South Carolina posted the largest Hispanic population gain by percentage, up 147.9 percent, from 95,156 Hispanics in 2,000 to 235,894 today. The sparest region for Hispanics was Maine, where Hispanics account for only 1.3 percent, or 17,269, of the state’s population. Vermont has the fewest Hispanics, 9,386, or 1.5 percent of that state’s population.

The District of Columbia had the smallest percentage increase of Hispanics, 21.84 percent, from 44,957 in 2000 to 54,758 today.

The states with the largest Hispanic populations were California, with 14 million; Texas, with 9.5 million; Florida, with 4.2 million; New York, with 3.4 million; and Illinois, with 2 million.

Thirty-five states had Hispanic population gains of more than 50 percent. Eight of those states saw their Hispanic population more than double: Alabama, 144.8 percent; Kentucky, 121.6 percent; Maryland, 106.5 percent; Mississippi, 105.9 percent; North Carolina, 111.1 percent; South Carolina, 147.9 percent; South Dakota, 102.9 percent; and Tennessee, 134.2 percent.

The Census Bureau also counts the population of Puerto Rico, which is 99 percent Hispanic. They totaled 3.7 million, a 2 percent decline since 2000.

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