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Summer 2011 On Sale Now!

[ 2 ] Mar. 8, 2011 | SBO Editor


Franchises provide an opportunity for everyone to have their own business & live the American Dream.

Franchises provide an opportunity for everyone to have their own business & live the American Dream. We’ve rounded up 75 winners
for you to consider now.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) is a wonderful resource for learning about all aspects of franchising. The group was established in 1960 to build and maintain a favorable economic and regulatory climate for franchising. It is the only association serving as the voice for franchising in the United States and is a major participant in the international franchise arena. IFA’s mission is to enhance and to safeguard the business environment for franchising worldwide. Today, more than 75 industries operate within the franchising format, and IFA’s membership and network encompass some 1,000 franchisors, 350 suppliers, and over 7,000 franchisee members.

Unhindered opportunity for all Americans is essential to our economic and political well-being. To retain leadership in bringing new products and services to the marketplace both in the U.S. and abroad, franchise systems continue to provide the widest possible entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone. They also provide expanding opportunities and strong growth possibilities for minorities, women, veterans, and the handicapped. Franchised businesses are rapidly adding jobs to a broad range of industries. In addition, franchise companies are major contributors in the development of management and technical skills that are vital in the creation of an experienced work force, which is so important in building and strengthening both American and foreign economies.

The mutually beneficial relationship that exists between franchisors and franchisees makes franchising unique in the world of business. It provides entrepreneurs with an affordable means of accelerating expansion and achieving development goals more quickly than might otherwise be the case, and with far less risk. Similarly, franchisees have a head start because of the support provided by the franchise system. Franchising means being in business for yourself but not by yourself. Whether it’s accounting and financing, advertising and public relations, personnel management, purchasing, or inventory control, franchisors are there to provide “hands on,” one-to-one assistance. While franchising does provide opportunities, it does not create miracles. Franchisees combine knowledge and resources with entrepreneurial drive and spirit to form a business relationship unique to franchising. Franchising is a field of expanding economic opportunity in which each and every person can play a part based on talent, initiative, and dedication.

FAQ’s of Franchising

Question 1: What Is Franchising?

Franchising is a method of distributing products or services. At least two levels of people are involved in a franchise system: (1) the franchisor, who lends his trademark or trade name and a business system; and (2) the franchisee, who pays a royalty and often an initial fee for the right to do business under the franchisor’s name and system. Technically, the contract binding the two parties is the “franchise,” but that term is often used to mean the actual business that the franchisee operates.

Question 2: How Does A Franchised Chain Start?

Imagine a store owned by an individual with a particular concept. If the business is successful, the owner may develop a second or third store and hire employees for the day-to-day operations. At that point, if the entrepreneur still wants to expand but prefers not to operate additional stores himself or herself, he or she may decide to “franchise” the store name and business system to an independent business person known as a franchisee. In return, the entrepreneur may ask for an initial fee and/or a continuing royalty payment based on a percentage of that franchisee’s sales. The business is now franchised.

Question 3: When I Visit A Store In My Area, For Example, A Well-known Fast Food Restaurant, How Can I Tell Whether That Restaurant Is Operated By The Franchisor Or A Franchisee?

It’s difficult to tell just by visiting the restaurant. However, if it is a franchise, there should be some signage in the restaurant that indicates that the restaurant is independently owned and operated. Many companies have stores that are operated by franchisees but also have stores that are company owned and operated. So it’s entirely possible that of two stores with the same name, one may be operated by a franchisee and the other operated by the company. In either case, the products, services, and quality should be the same.

Question 4: What Is “Business Format” Franchising?

In business format franchising, the franchisor prescribes for the franchisee a complete plan, or format, for managing and operating the establishment. The plan provides step-by-step procedures for major aspects of the business and, anticipating most management problems, provides a complete matrix for management decisions confronted by the franchisees. The major advantage of buying a business format franchise is that the “system,” the means for distributing goods and or services, has been developed, tested, and associated with the trademark. As a result, rapid expansion of a successful retail concept can occur more quickly than through company-owned expansion. *

Sales by business format franchisors continued to increase steadily throughout the 1990s and into the 21st century. In 2001, comparing business format franchising to product distribution franchising, business format franchising had about 4.3 times as many establishments, employed 4 times as many workers, generated 2.5 times the payroll, and produced nearly 3 times as much output.

*Dave Thomas and Michael Seid, Franchising for Dummies 13 (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. 2000).

Question 5: How Widespread Is Franchising?

The answer may surprise you. By 2001, there were 767,483 business establishments in all domestic franchise systems (either owned by franchisors or franchisees), which employed almost 10 million people, with direct output close to $625 billion, and a payroll of $230 billion. These establishments account for significant percentage of all establishments in many important lines of business: 56.3% in quick service restaurants, 18.2% in lodging, 14.2% in retail food, and 13.1% in table/full service restaurants.

Question 6: What Are The Major Growth Industries In “Business Format” Franchising?

As the economy becomes more service and technology oriented, as more women enter the work force, and as a larger percentage of the population grows older, growth areas in franchising are responding to these changes. The industry categories in franchising that are expected to continue to experience rapid growth for the start of the new century are service-related fields such as home repair and remodeling, carpet cleaning, household furnishings, and various other maintenance and cleaning services; business support services including accounting, mail processing, advertising services, package wrapping and shipping, personnel and temporary help services, and printing and copying services; automotive repairs and services such as quick-lube and tune-up; and other areas such as environmental services, hair salons, health aids and services, computers, clothing, children’s services, educational products and services, and telecommunications services.

While it is important to consider industry growth before investing in a franchise, it is more important to analyze an individual franchise company’s track record, keeping in mind that quick growth does not always spell success. A franchise organization that grows too quickly might not have a service team in place to support all of the units properly. Overall, long-range trends indicate a steady, solid growth in business format franchising. Some will fall by the wayside, as is natural with any business, but others may well be the “household name” franchise success stories of tomorrow.

Question 7: Specifically, What Kinds Of Businesses Lend Themselves To Franchising?

Virtually every business form you can imagine. The International Franchise Association now lists more than 75 different categories to describe its members. Typically, you would think of fast food and restaurants first when thinking of franchising, but franchising covers the spectrum from almost A to Z, from advertising/direct mail to construction to dating services to home inspection to security systems to video sales and rentals. Printing and copying services, maid services, computer services, cleaners, lawn care services, real estate, hotels and motels, and travel agencies are excellent examples of successfully applying franchising to established industries.

Question 8: Are The “Look-Alike” Chara-cteristics Of Franchises A Disad-vantage? Don’t Consumers Want Variety?

The increasingly mobile American consumer has come to depend on and appreciate the consistent quality of franchised products and services. Today, no matter where they go, people expect and want the same quality, which is why consumers so often stop at franchised establishments. The ability to easily recognize a franchised store, restaurant or hotel from the outside guarantees there will be no surprises or disappointments on the inside. Quite simply, the public knows what to expect and likes it that way.

Question 9: What Should I Consider Before Buying A Franchise?

Among the points which IFA recommends for investigation are:

a. the type of experience required in the franchised business;

b. a complete understanding of the business;

c. the hours and personal commitment necessary to run the business;

d. who the franchisor is, what its track record has been, and the business experience of its officers and directors;

e. how other franchisees in the same system are doing;

f. how much it’s going to cost to get into the franchise;

g. how much you’re going to pay for the continuing right to operate the business;

h. if there are any products or services you must buy from the franchisor and how and by whom they are supplied;

i. the terms and conditions under which the franchise relationship can be terminated or renewed, and how many franchisees have left the system during the past few years;

j. the financial condition of the franchisor and its system.

Both the Federal Trade Commission (www.ftc.gov) and IFA (www.franchise.org) have many helpful publications and resources. Equally important, IFA recommends that you engage an attorney to examine the contract. It is important to work with an attorney who understands franchising, especially the antitrust laws, the trademark laws, the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule, and applicable state laws. It is also recommended that you ask a competent accountant to examine your anticipated expenses, your financing needs, and your prospects for achieving your desired level of profitability before you sign any agreement.

Question 10: What Is The Federal Trade Commision Franchise Rule?

It is a federal regulation that requires franchisors to prepare an extensive disclosure document and to give a copy to any prospective franchise purchaser before he or she buys a franchise. The disclosure document typically used to comply with the Rule is called a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, or UFOC. Within the UFOC are many different categories of information about the franchise, including some of the information described in the response to Question 9 above. Required fees, basic investment, bankruptcy and litigation history of the company; how long the franchise will be in effect, a financial statement of the franchisor, earnings claims (if the company makes them)… all are presented in this disclosure document. IFA recommends that both your attorney and your accountant review the UFOC and your franchise agreement. For further information from the FTC, or to order a free publication from the FTC entitled Consumer Guide to Buying a Franchise, call 202-326-2222.

Question 11: Are There Any Other Laws That Protect Me?

Fourteen states require franchise companies to file or register their franchise offerings with a state agency: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. These states, plus Oregon, also have disclosure regulations similar to those of the Federal Trade Commission. By means of so-called “business opportunity laws,” certain other states regulate the offer and sale of a “business opportunity,” which may include the offering of a franchise under the state’s definition of a “business opportunity.”

Question 12: If I Want To Buy A Fran-chise, What Should I Do To Get Started?

The first thing to do is to identify companies offering franchises. IFA’s Franchise Opportunities Guide gives a comprehensive list of franchise companies in more than 75 kinds of businesses. The Guide, which costs $25 (including shipping and handling), is available by mailing a request and check or money order to IFA Publications, P.O. Box 1020, Sewickley, PA 15143. Orders may also be placed by calling 1-800-543-1038, or visiting IFA’s online bookstore at www.franchise.org, where you can find other relevant sources to assist in your decision to buy a franchise. The Guide is also available online at the IFA website – www.franchise.org.

You should contact the companies directly, and “shop wisely.” “Shopping wisely” requires that you determine how much you can afford to invest and where to obtain financing. Careful investigation prior to purchasing a franchise also necessitates understanding the UFOC. You need to examine what the franchise relationship entails. For instance, you need to inquire into the training and support provided, assistance in finding and developing a location, and the sources of inventory and supplies. You should research the companies’ growth and prospects for future growth. You should also seek advice from professionals and business people you respect. By shopping wisely, you can make an informed decision.

Question 13: Would I Make A
Successful Franchisee?

A successful franchisee should be suited to the industry of which he or she is a part, suited to the particular franchise company, and suited to the franchise system generally. Important questions to ask yourself include: Am I suited to the industry physically and by experience, education, learning capacity, temperament and financial ability? What type of work is most appealing to me; for example, do I enjoy working with food, mechanical things, people, real estate, books and recordings, sporting goods, etc.? Am I prepared to work hard and take financial risks? Do my advisors, family, and friends think I am adaptable and trainable? How do I react to controls? Am I a loner — resenting authority and restraints, or can I accept guidance and direction happily? If I prefer to act as a passive investor in the franchise, will the company accept this? How do I personally feel about the company’s image and products and services?

Question 14: How Can I Be Sure I Won’t Lose Money?

No one can be 100 percent sure. Although the majority of franchisees are satisfied, successful business people, some do suffer financial losses. That’s why you must be particularly wary of any company that “guarantees” profit or certain success. If you hear a claim about a company that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Investigation of all earnings claims made by a franchisor is especially important.

Question 15: What Are Some Of The Drawbacks Of Owning A Franchise?

In exchange for the security, training, and marketing power of the franchise trademark, you must be able and willing to give up some of your independence. If you are a person who likes to make most decisions on your own or to chart the course of your business alone, a franchise may not be right for you. As a franchise owner, you must comply with the various controls and procedures established by the franchisor. Then, too, all successful businesses require a lot of dedication and plain, hard work.

Technology and Franchising

There are several trends related to the use of technology in franchising today. First, many franchisors use the Internet to communicate with franchise owners and suppliers through secure extranets in order to share critical information, facilitate discussion among the franchise network, post operations manuals and updates, disseminate news about ad campaigns, engage in supply chain management, and gather sales reports automatically and without the need for more labor-intensive data entry. Second, franchisors use the Internet to advertise their network to customers. Third, some franchisors use the Internet to engage in business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce, often with the involvement of franchisees. Fourth, many prospective franchisees glean information and make contact with franchisors using the Internet. Some franchisors now report that they get more sales leads from the Internet than from any other source. Fifth, some franchisors have started providing disclosures to prospective franchisees by electronic means. Sixth, and finally, franchisors make extensive use of technology in offering their services directly to consumers — such as networks of businesses that offer website design and web hosting. The prospects for, and reality of, involving technology in franchising make this a very exciting time to own a franchised business.

The sources for facts in this feature are from Economic Impact of Franchised Business: A Study for the International Franchise Association Educational Found-ation, by PriceWaterhouseCoopers for IFA Educational Foundation, 2004; and The Profile of Franchising (Volume III): Statistical Profile of the 1998 Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) data, prepared by FRANDATA Corporation for IFA Educational Foundation, February 2000. Both of these publications are currently available from the IFA Educational Foundation. This booklet was updated by Bret Lowell and Tao Xu of DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP.

75 Franchises
To Consider Now

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

Alamo provides a unique combination of theater and restaurant, showing both first-run and independent films.

www.alamodrafthouse.com 512-219-7800

$$$: $1,250,000 – $2,785,000

All Tune And Lube

Total car care.



$$$: $11k startup cash is required.

Total investment: is $150k

Alta Mere Toys For Your Car!

Complete auto aftermarket line of accessories including security, video, GPS, and paint protection.

www.altamere.com 800-581-8468/708-389-5922

$$$: $50k-$60k.

Total investment: ranges from $131,482-$164,382

American Ramp Systems

Low priced ramps for disability access to enable the aging and disabled population to remain in their homes.



$$$: $75k startup cash;

Total investment: $200k

Aussie Pet Mobile

Mobile pet grooming service.



$$$: $35k-$75k startup cash;

Total investment: $63,437-$124,687


An independent profit control and revenue enhancement service for bars and restaurants.

www.bevinco.com 888-238-4626

$$$: $46,900 – $50,900


Indoor private events facility.

www.bounceu.com 866-632-6370/480-632-6370

$$$: $75k-$125k startup cash

Total investment: $126,647-$624,896

Budget Blinds

Window coverings.



$$$: $55k-$150k startup;

Total investment: $79,240-$153,070


Retail frozen dessert store.

www.carvel.com 800-CARVEL-F/404-255-3250

$$$: Total investment range is $230,624-$390,124

CertaPro Painters

The largest commercial and residential painting company in North America.

www.certapro.com 800-462-3782

$$$: $129,000 – $154,000

Chem Dry

Carpet cleaning with patented Hot Carbonating Extraction system.



$$$: $11,950-$40,750 startup;

Total investment: ranges from $27,950-$250k

Christmas Décor, Inc.

Professional holiday, landscaping service.



$$$: The total investment ranges from $11k-$50k

Coffee News

Weekly publication run from home.



$$$: Contact the franchisor for details.

ComForcare Senior Services

A premier franchised provider of private-duty,
non-medical home care.

www.ComForcare.com 800-886-4044

$$$: $67,500 – $87,500

Comfort Keepers

An international franchise concept that provides
in-home care for seniors, new mothers or other adults needing assistance.

jimbooth@comfortkeepers.com 800-387-2415

$$$: $56,000 – $79,700

Computer Explorers

Turnkey, biz-to-biz computer tech education
programs to public and private schools, daycare centers & more covering all phases.



$$$: $35k-$49,500 startup.

Total investment: $62,925-$73,250

Contours Express

Fitness Center designed for women 0that uses
medically-recommended weight-bearing equipment.



Total investment required ranges from $34k to $49k

Cost Cutters

Family Hair Care Value priced, quality hair services and products for the family.

www.costcutters.com 888-888-7008

$$$: $76k-$184,800 startup cash required.

Coverall Cleaning Concepts

Commercial cleaning service.

www.coverall.com 800-537-3371/561-922-2500

$$$: $3950 to $27,200 startup.

Total investment: $10,750-$32,200

Crack Team (The)

Foundation repair specializing in the use of

www.thecrackteam.com 866-CRACK TEAM

$$$: The total investment is $38,600 to $69,100

Creative Colors International

Repair and reconditioning of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting in the automotive and
commercial markets.



$$$: Startup ranges from $19,500 to $27,500;

Total investment: $37,500-$71,400

Cruise One, Inc.

Cruise-only travel enterprise.



$$$: $9,800 startup.


Thirty-minute fitness and weight loss centers for women.



$$$: Total investment required ranges from $36,425 to $42,850

DirectBuild Franchising LLC

Consulting programs to clients that enable them to build or remodel a home without using a contractor.

www.directbuildusa.com 877-805-9294

$$$: $72,900-$167,750

Dollar Discount

Dollar stores.



$$$: Startup is $20k-$30k

Total investment required ranges from $99k to $195k

Dr. Vinyl & Associates, Ltd.

Vinyl repair and conditioning, plus leather, plastic and windshield repair.

www.drvinyl.com 800-836-2840/816-836-0408

$$$: Startup ranges from $15k-$20k;

Total investment: $44k to $69,500

DreaMmaker Bath & Kitchen

Bath and kitchen remodeling.



$$$: $87,500-$314,500 startup;

Total investment: is $112k-$339k

Driveway Impressions

Decorative and architectural features.



$$$: $50k-$65k startup;

Total investment: $150k-$205k

Dunkin Donuts

Coffee and baked goods.

www.dunkinfranchising.com 877-9-DUNKIN

$$$: $240,100-$1.667 million total investment required.

Edible Arrangements

Fresh fruit bouquets.



$$$: $50k startup cash;

Total investment: $150,950-$291,200

EduFit Franchise, Inc.

A franchised fitness concept providing convenient, appointment-based personal training services at reasonable prices.

http://edufit.com/ 888-433-8348

$$$: $164,500 – $281,000


One-stop shop for custom embroidery, screen printing, promotional products, personalized gifts and other items.

www.embroidme.com 800-727-6720/561-640-5570

$$$: Startup ranges from $43k-to $48k;

Total investment ranges from $179k-$185k

Express Employment Professionals

A sales business focused on the desire to help businesses and job seekers through temporary staffing, professional search and HR solutions.

www.expresspros.com 877-652-6400

$$$: $153,750 – $241,500

Express Oil Change, LLC

A leader in the quick-lube and auto service industry.

www.expressoil.com 888-945-1771

$$$: $300,000 – $350,000

Fantastic Sams Hair Salon

Full-service hair salon for entire family.



$$$: $50k-$75k startup.

Total investment: $125k-$231k

Flip Flop Shops

The Sunglass Hut of Flip Flop Shops

www.flipflopshops.com 770-424-0027

$$$: $25k startup cash.

Total investment: $167,300-$245,500

Floor Coverings International

Floor Coverings International is a mobile,
shop-at-home floor-covering retailer.



$$$: $150k startup.

Future Stars Sports Photography

Sports photos and school pictures.



$$$: $19,500-39k startup.

Total investment: $19,500-$45k

Geeks On Call

On-site computer solutions for businesses and
residential clients.

www.geeksoncall.com 800-905-4335/757-466-3448

$$$: $60k-$121k startup.

Total investment: $60k-$180k

Glass Doctor

Glass replacement for homes, businesses and autos.



$$$: $75k startup.

Total investment: $109,681-$261,681


Lessons and instructions.

www.golftec.com 877-446-5383/303-779-9900

$$$: $35,000 startup cash.

Total investment. $111,475-$427,675

Grout Doctor

Maintenance and repair of grout.

www.groutdoctor.com 877-476-8800/480-924-2271

$$$: Total investment ranges from $19,280-$34,075

Growth Coach (The)

Small business coaching, goal-setting franchise.



$$$: $7k-$33,900 startup.

Total investment: $38,200-$58,400

HobbyTown USA

World’s largest retail hobby franchise offering hobby, toy and entertainment products.

www.hobbytown.com 800-858-7370/402-434-5064

The total investment: $175,000 to $350,000

Home Helpers

Home-based non-medical & personal care for the elderly.

www.HomeHelpers.CC 800-216-4196/513-563-8339

$$$: $7k to $31,900 startup.

Total investment: $41,700 to $73,300

Home Instead Senior Care

Companionship and home care services for the elderly.



$$$: $39,050 to $52,050 total investment.

HomeTeam Inspection Service

The leading residential home inspection service in North America.

www.hometeaminspection.com 513-831-1300

$$$: $58,000 – $71,500

House Doctors

A nationally franchised, professional handyman service and a leading property repair, remodeling and maintenance company in North America.

www.housedoctors.com 513-831-0100

$$$: $86,000 – $112,500

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems

Commercial cleaning.

www.jan-pro.com 866-355-1064/678-336-1780

$$$: $950-$36,500 startup required.

Total investment: $2800-$44k

Jani-King International, Inc.

World’s largest commercial cleaning franchise.

www.janiking.com 800-552-5264/972-991-0900

$$$: $2,000 to $70,300 startup.

Total investment: $8,170 to $74,000

Jet Black

Beautifies and maintains asphalt & concrete pavement.



$$$: Total investment ranges from $35k -$100k

JumpBunch, Inc.

Preschool and school age sports and fitness
programs held at day care centers and other venues.



$$$: The total investment required is $35,200 to $41,200


Diverse selection of quality merchandise for just-a-buck.

www.just-a-buck.com 800-332-2229

$$$: Total investment ranges from $136,900 to $228,200.

Kennelwood Pet Resorts

Safe & healthy pet boarding.



$$$: $55k startup cash.

Total investment: $799,287-$1,059,499


Dance, gymnastics, motor skills for kids.


$$$: $12,000-$40,000 startup.

Total investment: $14,950-$46,100

Kindergolf PTE LTD

Children’s golf.

www.kindergolf.com 6583226168/ fax 6562421398

The company is based in Singapore.

$$$: visit the website for information.

Kitchen TuneUp

Residential and commercial remodeling business offering cabinet refacing, new cabinetry, tub lining systems, closet organizers and more.



$$$: The total investment ranges from $83k-$90k

Lawn Doctor

Tree, shrub, lawn care services.



$$$: $60k-$74,900 startup.

Total investment: $89k-$99,900

Liberty Tax Service

Computerized tax preparation service that specializes in electronic filing and refund loans.



$$$: Total investment ranges from $35,350-$63,900

Liquid Capital Corp.

An international network of franchise owners or “principals” who help small- and medium-size businesses grow and succeed through factoring.

www.liquidcapitalcorp.com 877-228-0800

$$$: $50,000 – $130,000

LTS LeaderBoard Tournament Systems Ltd.

Uses cutting-edge proprietary software technology to transform the way charity, corporate and pro-am golf tournaments are scored and managed, making them more entertaining and profitable. Utilizing a unique scannable scorecard that makes it possible to computes 100 percent accurate tournament results in just minutes, LTS



$$$: Startup ranges from $18k -$71,100

MAACO Franchising, Inc.

“America’s body shop” with nearly 500 franchised locations across the continent boasting systemwide sales that approach $500 million.

www.maaco.com 800-275-5200

$$$: $385,000 – $472,000

McAlister’s Deli

McAlister’s Corporation Quick/casual restaurant chain featuring efficient counter ordering, attentive table service, high-quality deli-style foods (sandwiches, spuds, salads) and great price value.


888-855-DELI (3354)/601-952-1100

$$$: $400,000-$1,475,000 total investment.

McDonald’s Corporation

Quick service restaurant.

www.mcdonalds.com 630-623-6196

$$$: The total investment ranges
from $551,750-$1,791,000

Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc.

A full-service automotive maintenance and repair franchise specializing in brakes, maintenance
services and general repair.

www.meineke.com 800-275-5200

$$$: $182,000 – $427,000

Merry Maids

Maid service.



$$$: $21k-$29k startup.

Total investment: $26,350-$57,450

Mountain Mudd Espresso

Specialty coffee kiosk.



$$$: $66k-$203,500 total investment.

Nerd Force

Mobile computer and technology service.

www.nerdforce.com 800-979-NERD/718-370-6147

$$$: $30k-$54k total investment.

Nitelites Outdoor Lighting

Residential and commercial outdoor lighting.

www.nitelites.com 877-821-4148/513-424-5510

$$$: $84k-$164,050 total investment.

Nutrilawn, Inc.

Lawn care service offering minimal or no pesticide treatments to primarily residential homeowners.

www.nutrilawn.com 800-396-6096/416-620-7100

$$$: $75k to $125k total investment required.

Oreck Franchise Services, LLC

Oreck Clean Home Center featuring innovative and quality products for home care.



$$$: $30k startup.

Total investment: $171,800-$230,500

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Residential and commercial architectural and landscape lighting and lighting control automation.



$$$: total investment $77,500-$215,000

OXXO Care Centers

Boutique-style more eco-friendly dry cleaners.

www.oxxousa.com 866-GO2OXXO/954-921-6111

$$$: Total investment range $100,000-$1 million

Panchero’s Mexican Grill

A quick-service, fresh-Mexican franchise concept featuring homemade tortillas.

www.pancheros.com 319-545-6565

$$$: $305,175 – $629,000

Paws & Remember LLC

Pet memorialization and cremation.

email: rbinstock@pawsandremember.com


$$$: Contact the franchisor for information;

in biz since 1997, franchising since 2007.

Perma-Glaze, Inc.

Multi-surface restoration, specializing in the renewal of worn or damaged kitchen fixtures and bathrooms.



$$$: Startup $3,500 to $5,000

Total investment: ranges from $29,500 to $42,500

Pirtek USA

Pirtek is the world’s leading service provider of ETA 1 Hour On-Site Hose Replacement centers and a fleet of 1,500 mobile units

www.pirtekusa.com 888-774-7835/321-504-4422

$$$: $120k-$150k startup;

Total investment: $500k-$600k

Printwear Xpress Franchising Corp.

Personalized branded apparel.



$$$: Startup $40k-$50k;

Total investment: $148k-$170k

Retrofitness, LLC

A chain of 1980s-themed fitness centers with
exciting and affordable workout environments
for all fitness enthusiasts.

www.retrofitness.net 800-738-7604

$$$: $638,900 – $1,452,000


A franchise concept that designs, builds and installs Glide-Out shelving systems

www.shelfgenie.com 877-434-3643

$$$: investment range is $70,100 to $125,500


World’s largest sign franchise.



$$$: $44k-$46k startup.

Total investment: $148k-$155K

Signs By Tomorrow

Visual communications consultant that utilizes state-of-the-art sign-making technology to offer a wide variety of customized sign products and services that provide creative and affordable solutions to businesses.

www.signsbytomorrow.com 800-765-7446

$$$: $19,000-$263k total investment.

Smoothie King

Smoothies, nutritional snacks, vitamins under one roof.



$$$: Total investment ranges from $148k -$229k

Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.

Delivers lawn and tree care services nationwide, to both residential and commercial customers.

www.springgreenfranchise.com 800-777-8608

$$$: $ 87,650 – $98,840

Steamatic, Inc.

Cleaning & disaster recovery services worldwide.



$$$: Startup $25k-$80k

Total investment: required $55k-$150k.


Freshly made sub sandwiches and more.

www.subway.com 800-888-4848/203-877-4281

$$$: The total investment ranges
from $101,500-$195k.


Value hair salon owned by Regis Corporation.


888-888-7008/952-947-7900 Fax

$$$: Net worth of $300k and liquid capital of $100k required.

Sweet & Sassy

Children’s retail, spa and party.

www.sweetandsassy.com 817-756-6523

$$$: In business since 2004, franchising since 2005.

Contact company for details.

Tasti D-Lite

The world’s leading provider of great tasting, good-for-you frozen desserts.

www.tastidlite.com 615-550-3109

$$$: $253,700 – $431,410

TSS Photography, Inc.

Youth sports, school and event photography.



$$$: Startup range $15,500-$29,660.

Total investment: $38,750-$74,150

Value Place

An economy extended-stay lodging and short-term residential property brand.

www.valueplace.com 866-456-8737

$$$: $3,500,000 – $7,000,000

We The People

We The People is a franchised high-quality, affordable legal document preparation ervice for consumers who choose to represent themselves in simple,
uncontested legal matters.

www.wethepeopleusa.com 866-429-2785

$$$: $123,200-$169,500

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

Largest retail franchise system specializing in backyard birdfeeding.

www.wbu.com 888-730-7108/317-571-7100

$$$: The total investment range is $98k-$154k

Young Chefs Academy

Cooking school for kids.



$$$: Total investment $89,350-$208k

IFA’S FRANCHISE CONGRESS The Face of Franchise Advocacy

The International Franchise Asso-ciation’s Franchise Congress political grassroots program will enhance IFA’s advocacy capabilities at the state and federal levels, allowing us to increase our impact on the issues that affect the success of franchising.

According to the IFA, we’re in the midst of our most challenging legislative battles this year with the certainty of more to come, and we need the support of all of our franchise activists in our advocacy efforts. As a leader in the small business world, it’s your responsibility to stay informed about and involved in the advocacy efforts available to you through the IFA.

For more information about IFA’s advocacy efforts and the Franchise Congress,
please contact Meredith Nethercutt, Director of Advocacy, at 202-662-0760 or mnethercutt@franchise.org.


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