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Cleaning Up!

[ 0 ] Mar. 8, 2011 | SBO Editor

How to start your own high-profit 
BBQ cleaning biz.

Jeffrey Krentzman, Director of Operations for The BBQ Cleaner, (left) gets set to demonstrate how the mobile unit works. Joe Padilla has his truck ready to roll with his business in the Chicago area. Entrepreneurs can make thousands of dollars in a weekend using this unit and marketing know-how from the company.

America’s love affair with backyard grilling and all-things-BBQ has never been greater!

Especially in our up and down economy, more people are not going away on elaborate vacations preferring to stay put—taking staycations—and enjoying their homes as their castles.  Barbecue has become a year round activity.  But, at some point that grill needs to be cleaned and that disagreeable necessity has become a super-hot high-profit business opportunity. The BBQ Cleaner company can help you establish your own business performing this task for clients in your region.

• According to a company called The BBQ Cleaner the market is hot:

• 77% of all households in the U.S. own a barbecue or smoker

• Grill sales are expected to increase by 15.6% by 2012

• The niche luxury grill market is booming

• The fastest-growing category is the $400-$800 range

• Year round grilling is at an all-time high

The Barbecue Industry Association conducts an independent bi-annual consumer study to evaluate consumer attitudes and behavior regarding outdoor cooking. Recent surveys have indicated that:

• Americans are buying grills with more bells and whistles

• Families are barbecuing more than ever, and are firing up their grills regardless of the season or the weather.

• Americans are cooking over the grills a whopping 2.9 billion times a year!

The BBQ Cleaner has packaged a business opportunity package that can have you up and running your own business in about six weeks.  You don’t need any prior business experience.
“We started selling our business opportunity just last year and already have over 20 operators nationwide. We provide these people with the equipment to start their own local barbecue cleaning business. The equipment we provide them with has been used around the world since 1994 and is world-class. Every operator to date had been happy as they are running a business out of their home with little to zero competition,” said Jeff Krentzman, Director of Operations for The BBQ Cleaner..

The cleaning system that operators of The BBQ Cleaner system across the country use has been utilized around the world in 3 continents and 7 countries since 1994 with over 150 current operators worldwide. The concept came to the United States in 2006 in Bergen County, NJ. The BBQ Cleaner was first offered to people in 2009 and there are over already 20 satisfied operators nationwide who are running their own BBQ Cleaning business nationwide.

“We provide every new operator with a complete (over 100 pages) operations manual, which of course details how to use the system. Beyond that, we walk through every specific step with an operator as to how to start their business. We receive tremendous positive feedback on this as for many of them, this is their first time starting a business. Also included in the manual are professionally done marketing materials that they can use in their own area with their business name on it so they don’t have to suffer through trial and error advertising. We make this extremely turnkey for each operator. We even provide an optional training package for operators in their area with their specific trailer when it arrives,” Krentzman added.

It’s important to note also that the solutions used to clean the BBQ’s are green. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable and caustic soda-free.

According to The BBQ Cleaner, One of the many benefits with The BBQ Cleaner, is there is virtually little to no competition. “It isn’t like starting the 65th carpet cleaning company in an area. It hits a need in the marketplace as well, as almost every home has a grill and until now, there hasn’t been a company someone can call to come clean it. There are many benefits and reasons why a homeowner should clean their grill, and operators of the system are able to explain this to prospective clients and get the business. The majority of clients become repeat clients as well, “ said the director of operations.

The BBQ Cleaner offers professionally done marketing/advertising materials for buyers that they can customize and use in their area.

“We also show our entrepreneurs exactly how they should lay out their specific website for their business. If we have someone contact us from their area looking for the service, we gladly refer the clients to the operator for them at no cost. Everything comes with warranties so they are fully protected. We also offer a training package in the buyers area once their trailer arrives,” said Krentzman

“We tell prospective clients that they can make $77,000 a year doing this business. That number is based on only 2 cleanings a day at $149 a clean so that number is definitely achievable, “he said.

The cost of the entire package is $14,995. (and that includes the trailer, custom built stainless steel tanks, parts imported from Europe, all tool and supplies, professionally done marketing materials, initial supply of cleaning solutions)

The BBQ Cleaner discovered this unique cleaning system that has been used around the world in an international franchise magazine back in 2005. “After months of research, we decided to do a pilot test here in Bergen County, NJ in the beginning of 2006 to see if there was a market for it here in the US. Within two months of starting up, we had over a two-week wait for people to get an appointment with us. The concept caught on quicker than we could have ever dreamed. So we have been running this business here in Bergen County since 2006,” said Krentzman.

They have some operators who have added BBQ Cleaning to their existing business as a new service offering. “It’s been great to see the system have the success it has across the nation. And best of all, operators haven’t experienced any trouble getting clients when they get started.” Krentzman noted.

Joe Padilla is one of the entrepreneurs who started his own business with help from The BBQ Cleaner.

“My job was relocating to Chicago, IL. I had never shoveled snow and didn’t want to start now. I started the process of looking for a new job or business I could start. Found ‘The BBQ Cleaner’ on a web site and thought it was a great idea.  I called and talked to Jeff Krentzman and he explained how it was a business opportunity and not a franchise, so start up cost was a lot less. I hated cleaning my own grill, but like any job if you have the right tools it makes it a lot easier.

“I couldn’t be happier, I have lost some weight; enjoy being outside and getting to meet new people all the time. In this economy people don’t want to replace their grills and most of the time don’t need too. It just needs a good cleaning. A good grill should last 10+ years if you take care of it. People do a great job first couple of years then it gets dirty and they use the old method of heating up the grill hoping it burns off everything bad. It just makes it hard to clean because it bakes on all the stuff on to the grill.

“Grilling is a health way to cook and people just enjoy it. I tell people the BBQ Grill is like the water cooler at work everyone hangs out around the grill. When you have friends and family over you don’t want them to see a dirty grill. Plus you want it to be safe, clean and Healthy for your family and guest. People always ask me if theirs is the dirtiest grill I have seen? I then ask if they really want to know and most people say no.

“I already have a strong amount of repeat clients in less than a year and a half. You never get tired of people being amazed how clean their grill is after we clean it. Most say they don’t want to use it now and I always say you better or I won’t have anything to do, “ said Joe Padilla.

If you’d like more information on how you can launch your own BBQ cleaning enterprise, visit the company’s website at
www.thebbqcleaner.com . You can email them at: info@thebbqcleaner.comor
call 888/296-8368.                                 •

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