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Make Money in 2011

[ 0 ] Jan. 1, 2011 | SBO Editor

Top 20 ways to pick up extra cash, boost your income and generate new revenue now!

There has never been a better or more vital time to start a small business. If you are one of the millions of Americans who are out of work due to the recession, starting a small business might be your only option. And if you do have a job, you might want to investigate easy ways to pick up extra cash and develop a savings plan. Either way, this feature on making money in the new year is right for you. It will help you develop a plan.

You can engage in entrepreneurial endeavors on a part-time or weekend basis to pick up extra cash, boost your income, save for a dream car, home or vacation.

These top 20 businesses were selected because they bring value to the table in terms of being hot commodities that consumers want. They also have startup investment costs commensurate with return. You will be inspired to make money.

There is an opportunity for every interest and budget. After reading about the enterprises, contact the companies listed and conduct your own “due diligence” research on whether or not the business is right for you. You might the love the work, but will it fit in with your community? Is there already too much competition for this product or service? If there is competition in your area, ask yourself if there is a way you can present the service/product in a manner that is faster, cheaper and smarter? These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself as you get ready to join the ranks of entrepreneurs who enjoy the flexibility and self-esteem of being their own boss–whether it is on a full-time, part-time or weekend warrior basis. Our website, www.sbomag.com, has plenty of basic business startup information you should consider.

You might read about gloomy reports of international stock prices, or belt tightening in various market sectors. But take heart! There are still pleny of ways to make money in this economy.

MAKE MONEY ON FORECLOSED PROPERTIES: You can turn a truck, some cleaning products and lawn tools into a moneymaking small business!

You can start your own business cleaning out foreclosed properties. Author J.T. Stewart shares the secrets of his start-up and 10 years of experience in a manual he sells that comes with a CD of business forms and professional marketing materials for $199. Cleanout Foreclosures is a hot business opportunity as foreclosed properties continue to dominate the news. Can be run part-time, on weekends or as a full-time venture.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions–and Answers–about the Cleanout Foreclosures Business Opportunity. (You can read these and more by visiting www.cleanoutforeclosures.com.)

Q: Can This Business Really Be Started With Less Than $500.00?
A: Yes! Provided you have some basic office equipment, such as: a computer with internet access, a truck, access to a truck, or some vehicle to haul your tools to a jobsite with. Generally, most of the items you will need you probably already have lying around, such as: a lawn mower, weed eater, rake, broom, shovel, cleaning supplies, etc. Even if you don’t have these, they can usually be purchased relatively cheaply used or borrowed. I started with absolutely nothing but a truck, some borrowed tools, and maybe $50.00 in my pocket. That’s all I had to get started…you can do the same!

Q: Will I Need Any Special Experience, License, Permits, Or Insurance?
A: You will not need any experience-the 184 page manual will teach you everything you need to know to get started. As far as licensing permits, you will only need what your state or local municipality will require, if anything, and we will cover this in the manual. Insurance will be needed, but generally insurance premiums can be paid in payments and profits from jobs can be used to help make those payments. We will cover what insurance will be needed, what to ask for, and where to get it, in the manual.

Q: How Much Do You Make On An Average Cleanout?
A: It varies depending upon the amount of debris inside. The more debris the more you get paid. Usually they will vary anywhere between $250.00 – $12,000.00 which is the highest cleanout we have ever done.

Q: How do I start?
A: Call us at 800-685 -9670 or visit our website at www.cleanoutforeclosures.com to get started today!

ROCK-SOLID PROFITS: Most people spend their entire life looking for that perfect opportunity – where they can utilize their creative talents, become their own boss and experience financial independence.

SCM’s Jet Stream advantage and Magnum Force is a stone carving system that gives you the tools to realize your American dream.

“Our systems allow you to control the entire creative process and develop a look and style of your own. There is no better or faster way in the world to carve into stone, rock, tile, glass, wood, and many other surfaces, than with the SCM’s Jet Stream Advantage, “ says SCM.

“The old way of doing engraving was affective but extremely time consuming, labor intensive and had many limitations. Our systems are designed to be efficient, easy to use, have low start up costs and allow you to create something to be proud of. Oh, and by the way, the best part is – it can be extremely profitable. You’ll never look at a stone, glass, wood, tile or any blank surface the same way again.”

So you say “I’m not an artist”, It doesn’t matter. If you can push a key on a keyboard, you can create personalized products with SCM equipment.

With over 20 years of experience, SCM has learned what works.

“We are pioneers in the business. We have carved the path for our customer’s success. Our equipment, stencils and supplies manufactured by SCM, are extremely easy to use. Even those who have no artistic talent and aren’t mechanically inclined, can take an ordinary stone, glass, wood, almost anything and create an extraordinary work of art. With SCM’s powerful and proven techniques, even if you can’t draw a stick figure, you’ll have the ability to produce perfect results in no time,” according to the company.

“Every system from SCM includes complete instructional training DVD’s that will walk you thru the steps of setting your system up, how to make the stencils, how to apply the stencils, how to carve into the surface, how to add color inlay, how to recycle your grit, how to go portable and how to price and promote your services – we’ll teach you every tip and trick we have learned over the last 20 years so that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel – There is no guessing when you are a part of SCM – from day one you’ll be producing professional products like these. And here’s one of the most important features of becoming a member of the SCM family – we provide free lifetime support to all customers.

That’s right free lifetime support. That’s very rare. We know the value of free support…We’ve been providing it for over 22 years. Once you have the SCM System we don’t leave you out on your own.”

You’ll never look at a stone, brick, glass, wood, tile or any blank surface the same way again. It’s a rock-solid investment!

SCM Systems Inc.
e mail sales@scmartwork.com
N64 W19760 Mill Rd
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
phone: 1-800-755-0261 1-262-252-3989
fax: 1-262-252-4427

CUSTOM BADGES, BUTTONS & MORE: You can start a fun business for $29.95. Sound interesting? You can launch a custom button and badge making enterprise right from home.

You customers will range from local politicians to sports team fanatics and more. You can set up shop at the local flea market, a sports event, or at the local community fair.
Sell your buttons and badges parade-side or at the beach. Contact local clubs and organizations and tell them about your products.

Publicize to realtors and other small businesses as well, and don’tforget the lucrative wedding party and reunion business, too.

The company Badge-A-Minit has been around for decades. Learn about their products by visiting their site at: www.badgeaminit.com.
The Starter Kit concerns everything you need to launch your business. You can also create magnets, key chains, purse mirrors and more.

FROM RUGS TO RICHES: Ed Perrey was working a dead end job for a delivery company in Northern California when his wife Lynn called a local carpet cleaner to have their carpets cleaned. The company she called was referred to her by Ed’s mother who had just had her carpets cleaned a week prior and was impressed with the results.

Since Ed and Lynn both had full time jobs, they scheduled to have the carpets cleaned on a Saturday when they would both be home. Ed said, “When the carpet cleaner arrived, he rolled in a high-tech looking machine called a Rotovac. The Rotovac was very different from any carpet cleaning machine that I had ever seen. When I asked him about it, he tilted it back to show me how it worked. I’m a very mechanically inclined guy so right away I could see why the Rotovac was going to do a much better cleaning job than a regular carpet cleaning wand. As soon as he started cleaning, I was truly amazed by how clean our carpet was getting. I knew right away that this might be the business opportunity I had been waiting for.”

The next week, Ed called Rotovac Corporation in Mill Creek, Washington and ordered the Rotovac carpet cleaning equipment package on a 30 day money back trial.

“I really liked the fact that Rotovac was willing to give me a one month trial to make sure it was a good fit for me.” Ed named his company “Rug Monster” and rapidly grew his business to five trucks running full time grossing over $40,000.00 per month.

Rotovac offers a complete turn key business start up equipment package which includes training, marketing assistance, and a toll free consultation hot line manned by seasoned professionals to answer any questions one may encounter while getting their business up and running. The Rotovac Complete Equipment Package has a retail list value of over $4,300. Since Rotovac is an equipment manufacturer, they offer the package factory direct for only $2,995 with a 30 day money back trial period.

Call Rotovac toll free at 888-768-6822 for more information and a free DVD with literature or go to their website, www.rotovac.com

Nearly 2 million American children are reported lost, missing, abducted or run away every year! Earn an excellent income by offering parents information, tools, techniques and support to protect their children.

You can start a business by helping parents to protect their children in these dangerous times. As Child Shield says, “Any super successful person will tell you the key to success is to find a need and fill it. Few will argue that child safety has quickly risen to the top of society’s needs. Can you name anything more important than the safety of your children?

“While you could be successful trying to sell the next lotion, potion or vitamin program to pop up, why not do something that can really make a difference? No other company, non-profit or law enforcement organization even comes close. Our program can pay you 4 to 6 paychecks every month. There are no sales quotas and no requirements that you recruit others.”

According to Child Shield, an income of $4000.00 per month and an $8000.00 to $12,000.00 monthly income within 12 to 14 months is possible. other business. Child Shield, U.S.A.™ received the “Best home business in America”, award from the International Association of Mothers Working at Home.

“We’re long standing members of the BBB and are the only home business ever to receive the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. With this business you can make your dreams come true and could even help save a child’s life!” Joel Christi is the National Sales Manager Child Shield, U.S.A.™ “America’s Protector of Children.”

To learn more visit www.childsafetybiz.com/.

HELP CLIENTS TURN WASTE PRO-GRAMS ‘GREEN’: Environmental Waste Solutions offers a home-based, low overhead business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to run a business in their local market area.  Affiliates of EWS specialize in helping companies reduce costs associated with waste disposal and recycling.  There is no upfront cost to their clients for service instead they share in the savings they put in place. They are trained via WebEx or in person and receive ongoing support as well as the ability to partner with EWS on larger, very lucrative accounts.

The cost of this business is $25,900 and includes 24 hour access to the EWS affiliates-only website, 3-Day in-person training seminar, detailed explanations of the EWS marketing and business plan, EWS home office support, exclusive EWS software, extensive training and reference manuals, one on one coaching to help you take full advantage of your local market, the ability to Joint Venture large, lucrative accounts with EWS, & the Environmental Waste Solutions field kit.

Based on a business model that has been refined, reworked and analyzed by EWS for over 13 years, EWS affiliates have the realistic opportunity to earn a six figure income with a home based business. According to EWS, “Our proven business strategy has been implemented across the country with phenomenal results and has saved clients thousands a month, netting the average EWS affiliate about $8000 a month. Based on a 60-month contract, that’s $480,000 a month. In addition, many affiliates are able to exceed their initial investment of $25,900 in just a few months. The income potential is extraordinary, simply due to the fact that every business in your local area is a potential client.  Many of our Affiliates earn over 40K per month in residual income?the income can range from a couple thousand per month for our part timers to over 40K per month for those working full time doing joint ventures and/or working with a partner.”

Read what a few EWS affiliate entrepreneurs have to say about the program:

Kim Saldamarco, EWS Affiliate “I enjoy the financial freedom and I no longer have to work a 9 to 5 job. Thanks EWS!”

Tom Stang, EWS Affiliate “EWS made it possible to exceed my previous income, be my own boss, work from home and control my future.”

Tyler Brunson, EWS Affiliate “The EWS affiliate program is a great way to earn substantial residual income and have a flexible work schedule to match.”

For more information, visit their site:

SKY’S THE LIMIT WITH STARSCAPES: Imagine making $1500 a day working on a fun business that makes people happy. You can, according to Joseph Petrashek, the entrepreneur and founder of the Starscapes StarBiz Program.

Basically, you’ll learn how to turn a boring blank ceiling into a virtual Milky Way of a starscape at night. You don’t have to be Michelangelo to run and operate this business, either. Anyone can do it; in fact, Starscapes has an 83 year old as one of their moneymaking entrepreneurs who is enjoying being his own boss.

Another entrepreneur reports that he has just signed a contract to create skylites in 100 rooms at a local resort for $200 each.

The company has been around for decades and is not one to rest on their laurels. Starscapes is now marketing their products in doctor’s offices–particularly in pediatrician waiting rooms. Posters highlight the soothing features of a Starscapes ceiling decor for children that have trouble sleeping. The skylite ceiling relaxes kids under a calming blanket of stars.

If you are looking to purchase a business opportunity, make sure you work with someone who is passionate about what they do and who believes in their product. Joe Petrashek is an awesome representative for his company. Passionate and detail oriented, Joe is ready to answer your questions about how to get started. You’ll want to visit www.starscapes.com to learn more about how you can get started. According to the site,
“The STARSCAPES home-based opportunity is fun and easy to start; you can begin part-time, and make $100, $200, $500 and up to $1,500 per day, whatever you want, and begin making money on day one in business!  And you’ll have fun doing it!  Just get your own StarBiz and repeat what I do in the DVD.

“If you can draw a happy face, climb a stepladder and comb your hair, you can do this! It’s all so easy once you know how to do it. Our program provides every thing you need, all the equipment, tools, technical expertise, supplies, methods and secret tricks you’ll need to create stargazing masterpieces and more, that will have your customers mesmerized for years to come!”

Visit the site www.starscapes.com or call the company at 800/379-9947 or 480/615-7646. You can also send an email by visiting the site and clicking on that option.

CUTTING-EDGE OPPORTUNITY: Impressive is one of the first words that comes to mind as you visit the website of Epilog Laser (www.epiloglaser.com). The company has been manufacturing laser engraving and cutting technology for more than twenty years.
Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, Epilog Laser was established in 1988 to bring CO2 laser engraving systems to commercial distributors, small business owners and the home craftsman.

These CO2 laser-engraving systems can cut and engrave into wood, acrylic, plastic and many other materials. They also produce stunning results on stainless steel and coated metals.

Due to the heightened demand for convenient metal marking solutions, in 2006 Epilog Laser expanded its product line to offer a fiber laser system that allows users to mark directly on metal surfaces including titanium, steel, aluminum, carbide, alloys, brass, and more.

Epilog recently launched the industry’s first low-cost entry-level CO2 laser engraving system, the Zing Laser, to bring our technology to a wider audience.

How does it work? How can you not be an advanced artist to start this business?

Picture your printer – when you create a graphic you use various software to layout text and graphics how you want them to look on paper. With the laser, you treat the graphic setup exactly the same way, but you choose the laser as your printer. Instead of ink on the paper, the laser vaporizes a small dot of material. Is it really that easy? Yes! If you can print the image to paper, you can print to the laser.

Consider the case study of Mike Schulte:
After being a geologist for the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) for nearly 30 years, Mike Schulte knows rocks. Dealing primarily with Wyoming jade, Schulte coupled his passion for rocks with his entrepreneurial spirit and started Jade Putters, LLC., a Wyoming-based business focusing on custom golf products created from jade.

A long-time member of Wyoming First Products, an organization that markets wares specifically made in Wyoming, Schulte was asked to help with a convention that aimed to educate people about the many types of rock in Wyoming that could be used for dimensional stone building material.

“There were several laser manufacturers showing off their products at the convention,” Schulte said. “I had one of them scan my wife’s picture, along with my driver’s license photo and add our anniversary date so I could give it as a present. The engraving came out really well and I immediately knew that this application was something cool that few had probably seen done,” he continued. “When I showed it to my wife and said this would make a great ‘after retirement’ business, she actually nodded her head yes, even after all of the other ideas that I’ve had in the past.”

Since Schulte already had Jade Putters up and running, he thought he could easily incorporate a photo engraving business under the same corporation, so after returning from the convention he began the research process to find the best equipment to fit his needs. Unsatisfied with systems he initially encountered, Schulte expanded his search for laser system manufacturers and found Epilog.

“Epilog is ‘just down the street’, about a hundred miles or so from where I live, so I called the company and made an appointment with their distributor, Ken Crowe. Ken gave me a tour of the Epilog facility, demonstrated several lasers, and was just very helpful in explaining everything,” Schulte said. “I knew then that having the plant so close in proximity was going to be a great advantage, so I decided to go with Epilog.”

With new equipment at the ready, Schulte added his new business, Picture It In Stone, to his list of projects. Though he plans to retire from the WYDOT in a few years, he’s sure his two businesses will throw him all the work he can handle. “I hate to call it ‘work’ though, since I have so much fun doing it,” he says. Schulte tells us that memorials are his top-selling item. “I do a lot of pet memorials for customers and have found that people will consistently spend money on their pets – they’re almost like children to a lot of people. Of course I’ve engraved a good amount of non-pet photographs,” Schulte said, “most of them are designed to be mounted on a headstone or some other type of monument.”

While memorial plaques, for people or pets, make up a large part of his business, Schulte tells us he is most proud of his military-themed creations. “Whether it is a memorial, recognition or retirement plaque, you can never say enough about those that devote their lives to the service of our country,” he said.

Whether you decide to do it all or focus on just one aspect of an engraving business: etched wine glasses for events, weddings and trade shows; barcode engraving; gun stock checkering; woodworking; identification work, fashion design; furniture and interior design; or any of the other remarkable business ideas presented in fascinating case studies from real entrepreneurs who are working with Epilog equipment, you will be connected to a company that is on the cutting edge of the industry offering insight, strategies and tech support assistance on how you can develop your individual business venture and use the equipment to build your bottom line.

To request a brochure on the Epilog laser systems, laser engraved and cut samples, and DVD demo, go to the website and click on Contact Us. Or email sales@epiloglaser.com or call:+1 303-277-1188.

CLEANING UP WITH YOUR BIZ: St. Louis-based Stratus Building Solutions (http://www.stratusclean.com) and its Master Franchisors provide Unit Franchise ownership opportunities and business support for individuals who want to own and operate their own profitable building maintenance and commercial cleaning enterprises in major cities in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Central America.

Stratus Building Solutions offers 16 building service franchise plans providing environmentally safe cleaning systems, products, services and marketing support for costs ranging from $1,000 to $40,000 with benefits including orientation and training; customer referrals; administrative and accounting support; pre-arranged credit lines; access to insurance and surety bonds, financing options, business reviews; promotional support; and other turn-key advantages.

Stratus Building Solutions Unit Franchisors receive five concentrated, but user-friendly, sessions of hands-on and classroom training focusing on every aspect of commercial cleaning and Unit Franchise operations, including comprehensive instructions for implementing complete, eco-friendly janitorial systems, products, services and state-of-the-art administrative techniques to help ensure business success.

Annie Gonzales of Atlanta, Georgia, toiled for years for a travel agency, dreaming of a better life. Six months after she became a Stratus Building Solutions Unit Franchisor running her own operation, Annie’s business was grossing more than $10,000 per month. Annie says: “Thank you, Stratus Building Solutions, for showing me the way to business success!”
Nebojsa Shon Vukomanovic, a native of Sarajevo, Bosnia, immigrated to St. Louis 12 years ago. After learning to speak English, Shon says, I wanted to own my own business to achieve The American Dream. Today, as a Stratus Building Solutions Unit Franchisor, Shon has five full-time employees and eight part-time employees and is grossing more than $500,000 per year in his territory. I am the happiest guy in the world, Shon says.

BUY WHOLESALE: RESELL AT TOP DOLLAR: It’s simple. You buy merchandise at low-wholesale cost and sell at a higher price making a profit on every sale. That’s exactly what you will be doing when you team up with Worldwide Merchandise WMI. You’ll have a warehouse at your fingertips!

According to the company, “We stock, package and ship the products for you. You are ordering direct, so it cuts out all the middlemen and markups. Lets you save money and purchase at rock-bottom prices. When you receive your customers order and their payment, you place the order with us and we ship it to them. You pay your wholesale cost for the item and keep the profit for yourself. Nothing could be easier!”

WMI is a leading wholesaler. “We also provide our members with business services including website design, a merchant account to accept their customers credit card orders, and training.”

“Since 1993 WMI has been supplying our members with wholesale products and the tools to effectively run their business. We are a complete service center based in New Jersey. We have the resources to handle all your business needs.”

The founder of WMI, John Testa, knew that there were many people just like himself who wanted more from their lives than simply “just getting by”. People that knew through their drive and ambition they could run their own business if given the opportunity. That’s what is offered in our business program. A way for people that are ready to get out of a boring, low paying job and be in business for themselves.

“WMI is a company committed to your success. We have become a leader in the industry because of a strong commitment to our members. Our dedicated staff of professionals are available to help you reach your business goals. We offer not just instructions, not just ‘business ideas’ but all the products and services needed to actually be in business and start earning profits,” according to the company.

Sell online with your own website, sell via mail order, on eBay, at flea markets, sell to stores, etc.

“We are your wholesale source for thousands of popular products. Whether you are a large retailer or just starting as an independent reseller, we can meet your product needs. We can ship a single item or a case of an item. New products are added daily. All products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, “ says WMI.

For more information visit www.worldwidemerchandise.com or contact the company headquarters: WMI, 2275 W County Line Rd, Ste 6 Jackson, NJ 08527-2354 Customer Service: 732-557-5147 Fax: 732-833-7742 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm EST.

VENDING THAT PROMOTES RE- SPONSIBLE DRINKING: According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, someone is killed by a drunk driver in the U.S. an average of every 45 minutes. This is a horrifying statistic people like Alco-Buddy President John Berlingieri and his family know all too well. “I lost a cousin to a drunk driver,” he says, “so finding a way to prevent other fatalities was important to me.”

Traveling in Europe a few years back, Berlingieri encountered all the inspiration he needed to get started doing just that. “I saw that a few of the establishments that serve alcohol had breathalyzer machines so that patrons could test their own blood alcohol content (BAC) before they left and tried to drive,” he said. “It struck me hard that this was something we needed back home, and that we could do it better than anyone else.” That confidence combined with his need to make a difference fueled Berlingieri’s multi-year commitment to create the most advanced, durable and high-quality breathalyzer vending machine of its kind to date. The Alco-Buddy was born.

Alco-Buddy is a New York company that strives to help individuals start their own vending business. The goal of Alco-Buddy is to assist individuals in realizing that they can easily become entrepreneurs, allowing them to quickly start up their own successful business. Alco-Buddy takes a product that promotes responsible drinking and transforms this machine into a great business opportunity.

The company website (www.alcobuddy.com) explains how placing of the units works and that often an entrepreneur must pay a rental, percentage or location fee to the establishment that will host the vending unit. Pricing for the units begins at about $1199 to get started. Military discounts are available.

Here are some potential locations for your Alco Buddy vending unit: sports bars, pubs, nightclubs, casinos, pool halls, pizza parlors, bowling alleys, college hangouts, hotel bars, diners, restaurants, race tracks, boat marinas, and comedy clubs.

RECESSION-PROOF HOME INVEN-TORY BIZ: There is a reason why we’ve presented Home Journal Business for the last two years in our cover story of “suggested businesses to consider now”–the opportunity is timeless, it is an easy-launch with a low-cost startup, and the business continues to be in demand no matter how the economy goes up or down.

Everyone needs to take an accurate accounting of the items in their home for insurance purposes, but how many of us have done it and documented it? Business owners, too, need this valuable service as do collectors in any field you can name.

According to Home Journal Business, “A home inventory business is a valuable & in-demand service that can be easily started in your area. Recommended by insurance companies and financial planners, a home inventory offers the homeowner protection and peace of mind by providing a detailed record of their personal property to maximize & simplify insurance claims.

“Recent natural disasters & media attention has raised homeowner awareness making a Home Inventory Business an excellent opportunity. Most homeowners are now aware of the importance of a home inventory but simply don’t have the time or patience to perform one themselves.

“Just as the practice of home inspection has become a standard practice in recent years, home inventory services are in high demand as homeowners realize the necessity of having a comprehensive home inventory.”

The Complete Home Journal Business kit makes it easy to get started in this lucrative field. The company estimates that part-timers can make as much as $40,000 a year and those who develop on a full-time basis and add on staff to handle the additional workload can make as much as $225,000 a year and more.

Innovative Software, LLC is a business & software development consulting company that has been in business since 1998 developing retail software, corporate software and business solutions for major corporations such as Pfizer, Aetna Insurance, Mass Mutual Insurance, United Technologies and Northeast Utilities.

“We have been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since the year 2000 and strictly follow their best business practices. We are proud to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction record and encourage you to contact the BBB at 203-269-2700 to obtain a free report about our company. In addition, the Better Business Bureau has recently introduced letter grades and we are proud to be the only company offering a home inventory startup system to consistently maintain an A+ rating. We are also an Associate Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and proudly support their outstanding efforts in the field of professional organizing.

For additional information or to order the program, visit www.homejournalbusiness.com/ or contact the company office at Innovative Software, LLC, 93 Main Street, PO Box 365, Hebron, CT 06248 Phone:860-228-4144/800-999-2734 (US Orders Only)
Email: info@homejournalbusiness.com

SUCCESS IS IN THE DETAILS: Auto Detailing Training provided by Detail King Auto Detailing Institute LLC is a Private Licensed Training School approved by the State Of Pennsylvania Board Of Education.

“Our auto detailing training school provides the industry’s most comprehensive, auto reconditioning and car detailing hands-on training programs available anywhere. Whether you are a seasoned veteran detailer or just starting out, auto detailing training at Detail King ADTI will provide the training necessary for you to learn the skills needed to operate a successful and proficient auto detailing operation. Our auto detailing training programs will also assist with training individuals that have career goals for being employed as a technician in this lucrative auto reconditioning industry. It does not matter if you are just graduating high school or college or are a retired person, the opportunity to learn this trade and to own and operate your own auto detailing business can be extremely rewarding,” says Detail King.

Nicholas J. Vacco, is the Founder and President of Detail King Auto Detailing Supplies, Auto Detailing Equipment and Auto Detailing Training Company.

“Detail King was initially operated out of my office from my home. After a few years this business grew so fast that I had to hire a complete staff and move into a brand new two – level, 7,000 sq. ft building that houses our Sales, Support and Marketing Staff, Training Center, Showroom and two Warehouses.

“Students, workers that have been laid off or let go, retired persons, attorneys, accountants, waiters, car salesmen, doctors, just about anyone can own and operate their own auto detailing business. Most individuals begin with a mobile auto detailing business because you have practically no overhead and your start-up costs are usually very low.

You can be a part-time mobile detail operator like I was for a few years and then quit your job and make it a full time profitable career. Some people jump right into this and do it full-time right away. Whatever direction you choose first my staff and I are committed to help you succeed. What is so great about this business you can start it up for under $1500 and make money your very first day.”

For more information, visit www.detailking.com or contact the Detail King headquarters: 947A Old Frankstown Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15239 Phone: 1888/314-0847 Or 1888/827-2757 Or 724/325-0008 Fax: 724/325-4506 Email: support@detailking.com

ORGANIC FAST-FOOD: The better burger industry has grown considerably over the last decade, sprouting several success stories, but Elevation Burger founder Hans Hess believes his almost five-year-old fast-casual franchise concept has the right mix of ingredients to become one of the category’s leading brands.

While Hess and his wife, April, were spending three years developing the first Elevation Burger that opened in northern Virginia in 2005, they had a vision for fresh food that was better for their customers and the environment. It was a vision for beef that came from organically raised, grass-fed, free-range cows and fresh-cut French fries cooked in heart-healthy olive oil. It was a vision that said, “Ingredients Matter.”

Elevation Burger was recognized as one of the nation’s first organic hamburger restaurants when its original location opened in Falls Church, Va., and is the only franchised burger chain serving organic beef today. The six-unit chain has franchise commitments to open another 45 locations across Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York and Florida. Elevation Burger expects to have 100 locations nationwide by the end of 2013.

In addition to serving nutritionally superior products, Elevation Burger is unique because of its sustainable approach to restaurant build-outs and operations. Restaurants feature recycled, recyclable and rapidly renewable finishes such as bamboo flooring and compressed sorghum tabletops.

Waste olive oil is converted into bio-diesel and Elevation Burger even aims to certify newly constructed restaurants under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system – the best known green building rating system in the United States – but a rarity in the restaurant industry. The streamlined equipment package consists of a deep fryer, a conveyor oven for cooking veggie burgers, two griddles and a spindle milk-shake mixer.

The company is based in Arlington, VA and the phone number is 703-243-7894. Visit the website at: www.elevationburger.com

BIG BUCKS SELLING FROM A LITTLE PUSHCAST: You can start a fun business selling Italian Ice from your own pushcart. The Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice pushcart fits in most mini vans or SUV’s and requires no electricity or dry ice. There is no experience required to start this business. The ices that are provided to you contain no fat, no dairy, no cholesterol, and no high fructose corn syrup.

The pushcarts are colorful and attractive and we especially like the bicycle cart!
Little Jimmy’s is run by the Moore family, made up of brothers Dennis, Anthony, Jeffery and Tommy and father Harry. According to the company, “We have owned and run Little Jimmy’s for 75 years since our grandfather, Albert Mauro, originally from Sicily, first devised the secret recipe that makes Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice so delicious. So yes, you could say it’s a family affair. Although our name was originally Mauro, Albert changed it to the Americanized version which we use today.

“The recipe for Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice really is a closely guarded secret, so much so that only two of us Moore brothers know it! So when you sell our famous confections you really are giving your customers something very special that they couldn’t buy elsewhere. And as you’ll see in our recipe section of this site, it represents a healthy option, being fat and cholesterol free.

“While our business has expanded since Albert Mauro’s day, some things remain unchanged. Our ices are still made without the use of any modern machinery. So when you enjoy our refreshing ices or make a Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice concession your means of generating a supplementary income you really are involving yourself in something enduring that is steeped in tradition. Our Italian Ice of Superior quality and taste is sold 3 and 5 Gallon containers and we currently offer up to 20 different flavors.

You can visit www.ItalianIce.net to learn more about the business opportunity, or you can call 800/763-4348 or 908/352-0666 or fax to: 908/352-2476.

Businesses that want to brand their products and services and/or build employee morale this season have a new friendly promotional vehicle at their disposal.  Conveniently available via a pushcart that can be branded with their company’s logo and slogan, Little Jimmy’s® Italian Ices afford business owners and their HR departments a handy and hassle-free way of offering their customers and employees a tasty and healthy treat while generating attention for themselves.

Because they are stored and dispensed from a pushcart, Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices can easily and cost-effectively be incorporated into nearly every advertising opportunity that pops up over the summer months – and beyond. Custom-branded with a company’s marketing, they’re an ideal way to promote and garner attention to a business’s newest products and services at trade shows, company picnics, community carnivals and fairs, and national promotion events.

Business owners and HR experts who want to get their products and services noticed while rewarding their customers and employees can learn more about Little Jimmy’s Italian Ices online at http://italianice.net/.

MORE THAN $100 MILLION CARING FOR LAWNS? YES!: Weed Man, a rapidly expanding lawn care franchise with more than 230 territories across the country, provides franchisees with tools and support every step of the way to be successful. One of the largest perks for franchisees is that they can own and operate the franchise out of their own home. Total system-wide sales for last year were more than $110 million.

After thoroughly saturating the Canadian market, Weed Man, Canada’s No. 1 lawn care provider, has now set its sights on new turf sprouting up around America with 355 existing territories (118 in the Canada and 233 in the United States) and aggressive plans to open 600 additional territories in the next 10 years. Jennifer Lemcke can discuss how it’s possible to be so successful with this home based business and what the franchise provides for assistance to their network of franchisees.

For more information, email: info@weedmanusa.com or call 888-321-9333. The company website is: www.weedmanusa.com.

BUILDING A BIZ ONE SHELF AT A TIME: ShelfGenie is a franchise concept that designs, builds and installs Glide-Out shelving systems that are custom-built to fit into existing cabinets, resulting in durable, affordable and customized shelves that glide in and out with the touch of a finger. Glide-Out shelving can be installed in any cabinet throughout the home including kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, closets, offices, media rooms, bars, garages and more.

ShelfGenie is the nation’s only franchised provider of custom-built shelving solutions and is well positioned for growth and to become the predominant brand in its industry, which is highly fragmented and comprised of many “mom and pop” competitors and also online retailers. Sales in the home remodeling industry have skyrocketed to an estimated $235 billion from $215 billion in 2005 and the upward trend is expected to continue, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

The estimated initial investment for a ShelfGenie business ranges from $70,100 to $125,500, including a $40,000 franchise fee.households. ShelfGenieprovides a comprehensive seven day training program for up to two individuals at its corporate headquarters in suburban Atlanta.

For more info contact: ShelfGenie Franchise Systems 1642 Powers Ferry Rd. SE, Suite 200 Marietta, GA30067 877/434-3643 www.shelfgenie.com

SELLING AFFORDABLE LUXURY: MassageLuxe® massage therapy spas offer high-quality, affordable massage services in a comfortable, relaxing and upscale environment. They provide a variety of customized massage therapies to fit individual needs including Swedish massage, hot stone, deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology, sports massage, couples massage and more.    Multiple levels of massage therapy services are provided to both individuals and corporate wellness programs through a customer-friendly monthly membership program with no contracts and no commitments that is backed by a dedication to providing unparalleled customer service. Walk-in appointments are also available.

MassageLuxe is one of the fastest-growing franchisors in the highly fragmented massage therapy industry comprised primarily of local owner-operators and other franchised concepts.

The estimated initial investment necessary to begin operation of a MassageLuxe franchise ranges from $181,000 to $422,450, including a $40,000 franchise fee. The initial investment does not include real estate costs. For individuals signing an Area Development Agreement, the total investment necessary to begin operation of one MassageLuxe location ranges from $115,950 to $128,175, not including real estate costs. Franchisees signing an area development agreement will not be charged an initial franchise fee for their model spa and if they open additional spas in their territory they pay only 50 percent of the current initial franchise fee.

The business is headquartered in Fenton, MO 63026  Visit www.massageluxe.com or call 636/600-4056   877/321-5893.

BOOMING NON-MEDICAL HOME CARE: Comfort Keepers is an international franchise concept that provides, in-home care on an hourly, daily, weekly, or live-in basis for seniors, new mothers or other adults needing assistance with activities of daily living. Services are tailored to the individual needs of each client, and in the case of seniors, allow the seniors to continue living safely and in the privacy of their own home.

Care includes companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation for errands and appointments, laundry, recreational activities and more.

The Comfort Keepers system ranks among the top three franchised providers of in-home care in a market with tremendous growth potential. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Americans turning 65 is expected to nearly double to 70 million in the next two decades. Research has also found that nearly one out of every four U.S. households provides care to a relative or friend aged 50 or older. However, many adult children do not live near their aging parents and the difficulties associated with long-distance care giving present an unprecedented need for senior care services. National studies have consistently shown that seniors prefer to remain in the privacy and comfort of their own homes rather than prematurely move to a nursing home or assisted living center.

The estimated initial investment for a start-up office in the U.S. ranges from $56,000 to $79,700, including a $32,500 franchise fee.

For more information, contact Comfort Keepers CK Franchising, Inc. 6640 Poe Ave. Dayton, OH 45414 800/387-2415. Visit: www.comfortkeepers.com

QUICK-SERVICE SANDWICH SHOP: Founded in 1972, Cousins Subs is a restaurant specializing in East Coast-style submarine sandwiches made with the finest ingredients served on a variety of freshly baked breads, along with salads, soups, chips and soft drinks.

Cousins Subs are a leading quick-service sandwich chain fueling its expansion through franchising. In addition to its fresh ingredients and family-friendly atmosphere, Cousins serves larger than average submarine sandwiches – 7.5 inches versus their competitors’ 6-inch offerings – made-to-order and tailored to each customers’ specifications.

Total investment ranges from $198,700 to $314,300, including a franchise fee of $20,000 for new franchisees and $15,000 for existing franchisees and a $5,000 Grand Opening fee.
For more info, contact Cousins Subs, N83 W13400 Leon Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051. Phone 262/253-7700 or visit: www.cousinssubs.com

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