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Securing a Fortune

[ 0 ] Oct. 5, 2010 | SBO Editor

Whelan Security, a St. Louis-based, private security company, is ranked as the largest regional security company in the Midwest. It operates in 17 states with more expansion planned each year. Whelan has annual revenues of approximately $110 million and is ranked within the top half of one percent of all security companies in the United States.

Whelan achieved this success with no acquisitions and no mergers. Since the companyís inception more than 55 years ago, Whelan Security has experienced 100% organic growth, never losing sight of the once small business that patrolled the St. Louis riverfront.

In 1949, James Whelan founded the company as a security patrol unit, and it has been growing ever since. Whelan prides itself on being family-owned, having been passed down through three generations.

The family-owned company has demonstrated consistency in its primary mission – to provide the best value possible. Whelan has taken a unique approach to deliver on this promise to clients and employees. Whelan recognizes the talent of each individual and views its employees as its greatest asset, a large reason for increasing employee retention rates that are well above the national average. Each of the more than 3,500 employees is put through rigorous aptitude and honesty evaluations during the hiring process, and all of them contribute to the success of the organization.

Whelan offers its clients the only complete money-back warranty in the industry and operates using the industry-leading “Truth Report,” a quality-assurance measurement tool that highlights the company’s commitment to excellence. Whelan leverages technological advances to increase efficiencies, a hallmark of its business success, and its management-support team remains unrivaled in its dedication to maintain the company’s original philosophy – to foster an atmosphere where employees feel inspired, encouraged and rewarded. By taking great care in the selection and development of its internal customers, Whelan ensures it will, in turn, take great care of its external customers.

It’s the same approach taken by James Whelan in 1949, and it’s an approach that has helped a small business become a powerhouse and a powerhouse deliver the same customer service and protection of a small business.

• The dollar has more value today than it did five years ago. Whelan knows that and wants people to feel they’re getting the most for their money.

• It treats the employees like family. A 10-star employee benefit program has helped attract and, most importantly, retain top security officers. By taking care of the employees, the trickle-up effect occurs – employees work harder for Whelan, thus working harder for the clients.

• They know what it’s like to be a small company still. Greg Twardowski was President and CEO when Whelan was still a relatively small firm. So despite the growth, he – along with his Chairman father and Vice-President brother – is able to approach the clients with the same guarantee mentality he had when Whelan was a fraction smaller.

Because of all this, Whelan was able to create 400 new jobs this year, has expanded into two new states (with California on the way), is opening an Event Protection division (which will partner them with the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings) and revenues continue to climb past $110 million a year. Quite a boom for this business!

What services does Whelan Security offer? According to the company: “At Whelan Security, we are prepared to offer customized security staffing services to meet the specific needs of any organization and our security officers and management team has expertise providing a full range of security staffing services across many industries. Using our proprietary Essential Functions Profiles, Whelan Security carefully assesses each client’s unique requirements, ensuring that our security officers are properly matched to specific roles and responsibilities.”

Whelan’s standard service include:

• Uniformed Security Services

• Special Event Security Services

• Patrol and Alarm Response Services

• Emergency Response and Labor Dispute

In addition, Whelan can also provide services and expertise in the following areas:

• Investigations

• Consulting

• Background Screening

For more information on the company, visit  www.whelansecurity.com


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