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American Idol

[ 0 ] Sep. 1, 2009 | SBO Editor

With a knack for having his pulse on creating innovative, quality-built products that people need, legendary entrepreneur David Oreck has done it again.

Best known as the face of the company he founded in 1963, the Oreck Corporation, Mr. Oreck is a pioneering eco-preneur who brought us lightweight vacuums with advanced filters, the world’s only UV-C germ-killing upright vacuum, air purifiers and more, to the marketplace. He is now creating an exciting new niche for the already in-demand candle market.

Unstoppable David Oreck drives mint-condition motorcycles, flies his biplanes out of New Orleans Lakefront Airport, and runs in Audubon Park. Retirement is not in the cards. Says Oreck, “You might just as well be productive.” And in doing so, he has created hundreds of jobs in the U.S.

Born in Duluth, Minnesota, Oreck’s first airplane flight was in an airplane with skis landing on a frozen lake! He joined the Army Air Force at the age of 18. A radar officer and navigator, he flew bombing missions over Japan during World War II. After the war he moved to New York City and began working as a salesman selling everything from Whirlpool appliances to RCA televisions and microwaves; he rose through the ranks to become general sales manager.

While Whirlpool was unable to make a success of its upright vacuum cleaners, Oreck believed that with a redesign of the machine, he could give it a new lease on life. So Whirlpool gave him exclusive rights to market his innovative vacuum throughout the United States. On a cold snowy day in Chicago, the call came. In New Orleans, the RCA distributor was fighting for last place and winning, and the company wanted to know if he’d be interested in taking it over. “I flew down to New Orleans that day. The sun was out. It was beautiful. I was still in my heavy winter overcoat. I said to myself, ‘Wow, I’m missing something here.’” In 48 hours, David Oreck bought the floundering business. In two years time, he turned it around and went from last to first place.

Oreck Vacuums remain a major manufacturer in the cleaning industry.

The new David Oreck Company is Fragrant Passage Candle Company. “My candles are more fragrant, emit more light because of the patented wax we use and are a green product. It’s a significantly different candle,” says Oreck. “When I got into the vacuum cleaner business, my vacuums were innovative products, and now I have this line of candles that are innovative as well,” says Oreck.

Through the rich heritage he brings to the company, Mr. Oreck’s vision is driving Fragrant Passage to be one of the most respected sources of top quality home fragrance products in the United States. The company operates a sustainable business model, enabling its clients every measure of comfort in depending on Fragrant Passage to deliver on the expectations of partnership.

According to the company, “Our core values revolve around quality in everything we do and the innovation that drives the business to the next level. Taking direction from the company leader, David Oreck, and sharing in these driving forces makes all the difference in how we conduct our business. Fragrant Passage will not compromise on quality, safety or the experience we provide to the consumer. Industry standards guide our actions as we work to exceed them.”

The Fragrant Passage Candle Collections include:

Market Collection: an assortment of upscale fragrance diffusers and wax filled realistic fruit and vegetable candles.
Oreck Farm: Orchard Fresh: Welcome to Oreck Country. This collection of David Oreck’s favorites is inspired by homemade treats from his farm. The comforting aromas of strawberry pie, watermelon, orange marmalade and more fill your home with soothing scents of simpler times. The Collection is inspired by the homemade treats and wonderful scents from his farm in Poplarville, Miss., near New Orleans.

Luminara Collection: an elegant assortment of vases in two decorative sizes filled with twelve different luxurious fragrances: one for every month and every mood.

Gem Lights: when lit these candles glow and permeate crisp, fresh fragrances. Each candle is poured into hand blown glass.

ReminiScent Cupcake Collection: The colorful collection resembles cakes, dessert plates, cake stand, cupcakes, ice cream cones, and more.

The Wedding Line, The Everyday Value Line, Fusion, Decorator Collection, Pine Cone Collection, and Candlelight Collection round out the catalog.

Fragrant Passage supports the specialty gift retailers across the U.S. with a range of product assortments themed to match today’s trends. The extensive talent and experience of their product design and development team makes them the go-to hub for visionary storeowners. Cohesive blends of unique product types and inspired fragrances allow retailers to set entire sections while only ordering from one source. And in-stock positioning at Fragrant Passage means they can also turn their inventories via the confidence of knowing they can reorder frequently.

“Our clients are our partners in raising the bar on home fragrance creativity and quality. They also value the fundamental support U.S. manufacturing brings to our economy, because Made-In-America does matter. The Fragrant Passage OEM client list includes some of the largest and most respected specialty, home furnishings and prestige retailers in the retail community. “

The facility and team are located in beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina, next door to the home décor driving force of High Point. The factory can produce up to 40,000 top quality candles per day, with end-to-end product development and quality assurance.

The company is also looking for individual distributors who want to sell the collection in their areas. Drop shipping is available.

For more information, visit www.fragrantpassagecandleco.com or call the company in their Greensboro, NC headquarters at 877.375.8411.

When this distinguished and renowned business leader speaks, we all listen. In fact, this celebrated company founder and prominent CEO could easily publish a best-selling book on his amazing life–in and out of the board room–and it would serve as a Master Class in leadership, business know-how, guidance and savoir faire. David Oreck is our American Idol. •

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