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[ 0 ] Jul. 1, 2009 | SBO Editor

If you are one of the millions of hard-working Americans that have lost your job in the past few months, take heart. You can earn an income in a way you might not have considered: start your own business. Many of the manufacturing jobs have been sent to Asia and Brazil, and the service industry is being outsourced to India.

Your former type of employment might not be available. This is the best time for you to act on your entrepreneurial dream. In purchasing a business opportunity, you will be buying all the elements and tools you need to start the particular business. In each issue we’ll take a look at some moneymaking options. The businesses are listed in no particular order.

An Online Store: You can open an online store and sell goods ranging from bath and body gifts and candles to bird feeders and flat screen televisions. You need a source fore products. ECX Stores will help you establish a website and get you going. Visit www.ECXStores.com or call 800-639-6644 for info on their biz opp package.

Personalized Products: Businesses and individuals need products with their names and logos; you can supply them and print names and logos on plates, mugs, basketballs and more. CASI/QLT has been in business for decades helping entrepreneurs establish this type of business. Visit www.CASIQLT.com or call 800-842-5580.

Temporary Tattoos: We watched a temporary tattoo entrepreneur rakes in hundreds of dollars an hour at a resort location. You can do it, too, and you don’t need to be an artist like Kat Von D! TAT International will sell you the tools and stencils to airbrush incredible images. Visit www.TatStore.com or call 800-275-0591.

Air Duct Cleaning: This is a recession-proof service business because everyone needs to maintain proper air ducts. Your clients will be residential and commercial. Visit www.Rotobrush.com/startbiz to learn more about the opportunity from Rotobrush International or call 800-535-3878.

Inflatable Rental Biz: You purchase fun inflatables and rent them out at corporate events, community festivals and birthday parties or set them up at street fairs, craft shows, carnivals and charge by the person to jump and have fun. Contact Space Walk to learn about the various options. Their website is: www.herecomesfun.com and the phone is 800-464-5867.

Landscape Service: Spray Green Landscape Service offers a business opportunity package that will help you get started with a new eco-friendly product line. Visit www.spraygreen.net or call 888-59-GREEN to request their free DVD that explains it all.

Decorative Landscape Curbing: Tygar can help you start a business providing walkways, curbing options, landscape accents and even curb lighting. You don’t need experience, they will show you how! Visit www.tygarmfg.com or call 866-999-9506.

Concrete Into Art: CTI Concrete Technology Incorporated can help you start a business turning pool decks, patios, garage floors and walkways into works of art. It’s an easy-to-apply formula to enhance the look of concrete and repair the surface. Make it look like marble, brick, stone, etc. For info, visit www.flycti.com or call 800-447-6573.

Roof Repair: The Pace Products company has a sealant product that you can sell to contractors and roofers or apply it yourself to your own client base. For more information visit www.distributor.paceproducts.com or call 888-389-8203.

Buttons and Badges: Great for street fairs, eBay, mail order, community events, grand openings, campaigns and more. Badge-A-Minit can get you going for $29.95. Visit www.badgeaminit.com or call 800-223-4103 to learn more.

Waste Disposal & Recycling: You help your clients find affordable options for their waste disposal needs and help them go green by getting them into recycling programs. Environmental Waste Solutions has a package to help you start and run this type of business. For more info, visit www.environmental-waste.com or call 800-650-5225.

Screenprinting: Morantz has been in business for more than 20 years helping people start their own businesses.Their Screenprinting machine can help you print on umbrellas, jackets, aprons, tote bags, etc. The package includes the machine, accessories and training. Comes fully assembled, too. For info, visit www.screenaprint.com or call 215-969-0266/800-695-4522.

Paintless Dent Repair: We all have those annoying dings and scratches. You can start a business repairing them with help from Paint Bull. They’ve helped many start this business and you can do it, too. Visit www.paintbullplus.com or call 800-800-5725.

Office Cleaning: Office cleaning is a great business to start. Most companies don’t have staff resources to do this, so you take it on and make a huge profit. You can purchase a package that will show you how to get clients and get busy. Visit www.yourcleanfuture.com or call 866-364-4020.

Window Washing: Philip Bregstone made a six-figure income in just 3 months cleaning windows. He’s packaged his knowledge into a “business in a box” kit. For information on how to get started earning $250,000 this year, visit www.docglass.com or call 888-282-3535,

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