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Perfect Fit

[ 0 ] Oct. 1, 2007 | SBO Editor

Jigsaw Data Corp., an online database for business contact and company information, has now amassed more than 5.5 million business contacts that are contributed, maintained and accessed by its members.

Launched in 2004 with 200,000 organically grown contacts, Jigsaw has grown by an average of 12,000 contacts per day and is leading a cultural shift in how people access and live with data.

Jigsaw members use the database to increase efficiency when searching for the business contact and company information they need to grow and improve sales and expand their businesses. Initially designed by salespeople for salespeople, Jigsaw is increasingly used by marketers, recruiters, small business owners, and people trying to avoid the corporate user support trap.

“Jigsaw is offering small business owners a service to enable them to do things they couldn’t do before,” said Sonal Gandhi, analyst at JupiterKagan. “It is taking the widely popular consumer trend of user-generated content and putting it to real use in the business sphere. Jigsaw is a Sales 2.0 service that every small business owner should use.”

To motivate users to help grow and maintain the database, Jigsaw has developed a point system, whereby users earn points for adding new or correcting outdated business contact information, which they can then exchange for business contacts they need. This point system has been a major driving force in building Jigsaw’s extensive database and – what is often the bigger challenge – making sure it remains accurate and up-to-date.

“The rate and scope of our growth can be largely attributed to our active members, who continually add and update pieces of the data puzzle to keep the database up to date,” said Jim Fowler, CEO and co-founder of Jigsaw.

“As we continue to try to transform the data business the way Wikipedia transformed the world of information, we hope to continue to deliver increasing value to our users”, said Fowler.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does Jigsaw cost?
A: Jigsaw costs $25 per month or 25 contacts per month (Pay or Play). Sign-up for details and see samples.

Q. What is Jigsaw?
A: Jigsaw is a Global Business Contact Marketplace, where members get business contact information. Members get two contacts back for every good business contact they add to Jigsaw. Contacts have complete information including business email address and phone number. The contact information allows sales professionals to contact prospects DIRECTLY, and bypass gatekeepers.

Q. Who uses Jigsaw?
A: Sales people, recruiters, marketers, researchers, job seekers, small business owners, and anyone else who needs high quality low cost corporate contact information. Members use Jigsaw to look for direct contact information from a particular organization.

Q. Why would I add my valuable contacts to Jigsaw?
A: Most members add contacts that are correct but have little business value to them. They then get two contacts of extreme value for their business purposes. The contacts that they add to Jigsaw can then give great value to another user and their purpose.

Q. Do I add contacts anonymously?
A: Yes. Actions of members are identified only by the screen names they provide when signing up. There are a couple of exceptions which are explained in Jigsaw’s Terms of Use. This is for Jigsaw to comply with verified legal & law-enforcement requests.

Q. What if I get a bad contact?
A: Jigsaw’s contacts are more accurate because of the collaborative effort between the members and Jigsaw. If you happen get a bad contact simply update or challenge it and get your points back. As a direct result of you receiving an incorrect contact the person who added the contact is penalized with a ten point penalty. Members tend to add better contacts because they do not want to lose points and get a bad rating. Jigsaw is a patent pending, self-correcting database.

Q7. What kind of contacts can be found on Jigsaw?
A: Jigsaw’s mission is to map every business contact on the planet, and keep them current through a collaborative effort of the membership. •

Jigsaw is a company dedicated to helping businesses connect by using their huge database of contacts and connections. Jim Fowler is the chief executive officer and co-founder of the company. Entrepreneurs can visit the website and sign up at no cost to sample the wares and see how the resource works.

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